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EcoTravel Driving down Amalfi Coast? Look out for these local and artisanal buys!

Amalfi coast shopping

Everybody has a summer holiday, and Team Secondsguru is back after a rejuvenation break too! Lara and I, the co-founders behind this site, have been friends for years and finally synced our calendars for a break in Italy. If you have been following our Instagram feed, then you already know we were filling our senses with Rome’s history and our refillable bottles with aqueduct water! After a few days of ancient exploration, we switched gears …[Read more]

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Cutting to life: How my brown thumb learned to grow herbs and other plants!

grow plants with cuttings

First, a confession: I have killed. I had good intentions, but all it achieved was a road to hell for countless plants through over-watering, under-watering, over-zealousness, under-attention, and various permutations and combinations that you (since you reached here despite the headline) are probably familiar with. Cut to present: Here’s how my garden grows! Yes, it’s finally thriving and what’s more, it comprises plants and flowers that began their journeys as mere cuttings, just a few …[Read more]

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Events Pesta Ubin 2017 – Explore Palau Ubin on foot, cycle and kayak (or even pram!) as it readies for a hive of activities

Pesta Ubin 2017

Palau Ubin is Singapore’s favourite green escape from the city – lush greens and rugged paths, unkempt meadows and unswept roads… and unbelievably just 15 minutes by boat from Changi! So there’s no excuse to miss Pesta Ubin – a “open house” style festival celebrating the island’s ecology and its natural environment. For 10 weeks – 10 May to July 16, 2017 –  Palau Ubin will host a range of activities that are designed to …[Read more]

Drab to Fab Sneakers get a vintage makeover

upcycle old sneaker vintage

I must confess – I love buying shoes. My closet isn’t enormous by a regular girl’s standards, but yes, it is rather full, and has the standard pumps/flats for work, and dressy stilettos/strappies for outside, and a few sneakers/sandals for comfort, and a couple of boots for a cold day, and some handcrafted finds from India… as I said, a regular girl’s closet! I’m not a big spender however, and am always looking for deals, …[Read more]