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Blockprinting fabrics A workshop with Indian artisan Khushiram

Blockprinting fabrics | Workshop with artisan Khushiram

You have definitely seen and drooled over them: the beautiful, delicate blockprints of Rajasthan. Their shapely forms repeat endlessly, creating geometric beauty in their wake. You can sight them on all sorts of drapes – scarves, stoles, curtains, sheets… Step into the fabric markets of Delhi or Jaipur, and you cannot escape the draw of their prints, their hypnotic patterns. What amazes me is how the art form of blockprinting, several centuries old, has evolved …[Read more]


Recycling old resolutions? Perhaps it is time to trash them instead!

Some promises are meant to be kept. For everything else, there are New Year Resolutions! lists 5 promises we all make (and break) repeatedly

  Yes, ’tis that time of the year indeed, when you get that uncomfortable gnaw in the pit of the stomach which good intentions and foreboding and holiday food mix together to create. It will peak in a couple of days when your Facebook feed overflows with grand promises: of beerless Januaries, meatless meals, reality-less TV, pokemon-less walks and other delusions. Chances are, you too will get seduced into making unreasonable demands of yourself and …[Read more]

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Scene around town The Green Corridor – where the rail once ran!

Walking the Green Corridor - overhead bridge next to Rail Mall, Hillview

When I was younger, restless and in need of weight reduction, I used to walk up and down the hilly terrains of Hong Kong. That’s when I fell in love with walking, just walking. I loved breathing the misty air under canopied trees, feeling the winter chill dissipate as the walk grew longer, and singing “Staying alive” in my head to keep the pace when the climb grew hard. [Complete digression – did you know …[Read more]

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Kids crafts Make a piggy bank from soda cans

Can crafts | Upcycle soda cans into piggy banks and pen stands in this easy activity that kids will love!

Every quarter, Secondsguru sits together with the Piggy Bank Club – a very serious, focused brigade of little kids – to talk about recycling over a craft activity. We talk about ways to be green in our day today life – easy but impact-ful stuff like separating recyclables, or, how to best dry up after washing hands [inspiration here]. Then we do the most looked-forward-to segment, fashioning piggy banks out of trash which the children use …[Read more]