Eco-warriors A guide to composting wet kitchen waste by Shivani Malhotra

Living for more than a decade in Mumbai, I often found myself overwhelmed by the sight of litter dumps, the stink and stench of household waste, the groaning weight of overflowing dump trucks. So once when I was expressing the same to a friend, I was amazed to hear about wet garbage/kitchen waste composting as a concept. I immediately started my online research and soon figured out what a blessing it was going to be to …[Read more]

DIYUpcycled lamp magic

DIY | Upcycled Lamp Magic- Light up your kid’s world with this DIY lamp that would also add an adorable touch to his or her room. Click through to read more .

For both parents and children alike, bed-time is the most important hour of the day. It’s the time when mommies and daddies finally catch a break and get to relax without Sponge Bob Squarepants squealing away in the background and children get to snuggle up and dream about pirates and princesses. This is the time of the day where everyone slowly winds down over a nice bonding session and an exciting bed-time story. As your child …[Read more]

DIY The Quirky Shoe Garden

DIY | The Quirky Shoe Garden - These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do? With a little thought and creativity old shoes- sneakers, boots, wellies, stilettoes can be repurposed into a stylish flower planter for your garden or balcony! Check out this nifty idea here/ Read on for some creative inspiration

If you have a garden, chances are you treat it as an extension of your home. After all, your garden isn’t just something to be viewed from your window, it is to be lived in and experienced. Tending to your flowers and plants is one thing; bringing your own style and personality into it is a whole different – and fun – story! If you don’t have the luxury of space, your garden could be also …[Read more]

Junk to Funk Here’s how some people are rocking recycling

Vinyl records to earrings, nuts and bolts to framed art - artists around the world are innovatively transforming discards to art! Here is our pick of 5 inspiring artists that upcycle junk into masterpieces

Although most of us aren’t happy to admit it, we all have our secret junk-drawers. You know, that one drawer in your desk that is completely unorganised and the sole purpose of which seems to be accumulating more and more trash that you won’t get rid of. Once a year when we find ourselves in spring-cleaning spirits, we tackle the dreaded sanctuary and start sorting out the accumulated orphans – pens that no longer work, lids …[Read more]