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Eco-warriors Raye Padit, a ‘fashionable’ green warrior


When it comes to the green warriors leading Singapore’s eco-friendly brigade, the list isn’t complete without Raye Padit. As an entrepreneur, he runs PeyaR , creating bespoke apparel using pre-consumer textile waste and providing upcycling services. As a voice for conscious fashion, he co-heads Connected Threads Asia, a platform that connects fashion designers, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers, to build a conversation around sustainable fashion choices. His soon to be launched endeavour – Swagalls – is now on Kickstarter, …[Read more]


#passitforward Donate excess food to Singapore charities

Food collection drive

Calling all in Singapore to look into their kitchen cabinets! Do you have food items that you won’t be using anytime soon, or in fact never? Perhaps you over-bought at the supermarket attracted by a discount, and the food packets will expire soon? Maybe some biscuits and cakes that were gifted to you, but you don’t fancy the flavour? Any excess canned food, chips, etc that you would like to clear out of your cabinets? …[Read more]

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Super 7 Vegetarian restaurants in Singapore you must try out !

uper 7 | Vegetarian restaurants you must try out in Singapore!

First, a confession. Team Secondsguru is not vegetarian. Second, a disclaimer. We are not persuading you to become one. That responsibility can be handled so much better by The Vegetarian Society, Singapore or Paul McCartney or a growing list of celebrities and establishments that are leading the way for plant-based diets in a trend across the world. What we will say is this – vegetables are bloody tasty, especially when prepared in the loving and …[Read more]


Upcycle Food waste Project X-pired by Food Bank Singapore

Project X-pired II by Food Bank Singapore

When Secondsguru spoke about Food Bank Singapore in the post dated July 31st, 2015 (read full article), our readers gave us a thumbs up and asked us to keep information about such local green endeavours in Singapore coming! More recently, we chanced upon Project X-pired II, an event organised to raise awareness of food wastage in Singapore by the Food Bank Singapore team (Good job guys!) and we are certain the pro-waste reduction audience of Secondsguru would love to know …[Read more]