Drab to Fab Transforming a merchandise canvas bag to a chic sling tote!

A merchandise bag crammed with logos becomes a snazzy sling tote with just some stencil and acrylic work! Waste less upcycle more with Secondsguru.com

Today’s guest post comes from Aashyita Nanda, an HR specialist who found herself at the receiving end of a mountain of merchandise after a day spring cleaning at the office! Here’s her snazzy solution: While at work the other day, I was asked by a Manager to assist in going through a pile of things my department had been accumulating for a few years now. This included broken banners, outdated flyers, and old swag (things …[Read more]

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Kids crafts Make a piggy bank from soda cans

Can crafts | Upcycle soda cans into piggy banks and pen stands in this easy activity that kids will love!

Every quarter, Secondsguru sits together with the Piggy Bank Club – a very serious, focused brigade of little kids – to talk about recycling over a craft activity. We talk about ways to be green in our day today life – easy but impact-ful stuff like separating recyclables, or, how to best dry up after washing hands [inspiration here]. Then we do the most looked-forward-to segment, fashioning piggy banks out of trash which the children use …[Read more]

Junk to Funk Tea bag tales

tea-bag-pouches-upcycling to wall decor and writing board

I love tea. I enjoy trying new flavours. And there are some exotics ones out there these days- my recent discoveries being Lychee White Peony by Or Tea and Coffee Mate Tea by Ette. Strangely, caffeine doesn’t bother me (not yet), so I am good with a cuppa any time of the day. My friends and family know that and as a result, I tend to have fascinating options of tea in my home at any given point in time. Every …[Read more]

Eco-warriors Restyle your Wardrobe with Agatha Lee

Agatha Lee at restyle your wardrobe singapore

I had the absolute pleasure of attending an upcycling workshop aptly titled “Restyle your wardrobe” with Agatha lee, the founder of Green Issues by Agy, last Saturday, the 13th of August, 2016. Agatha (Agy) worked as a policy maker at the National Environment Agency(NEA) in Singapore  for over 10 years before finding her calling in upcycling of textile waste.  She is also the co-founder of Connected threads Asia , a platform that aims to promote sustainable fashion in the region. In her avatar …[Read more]