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Eco friendly travel 7 tips to be environmentally conscious on a trip

Eco friendly travel Secondsguru guide eco tourism

When I was in school, summer breaks were the best time of all -as that was when we traveled for our annual holidays. The other term breaks were meant for mastering board games, learning (and improving) sports, exploring the outdoors and ahem, ahem, doing home work! Over the years distances have become shorter and travelling is as commonplace as going out for a meal. Most families take 1-2 long holidays and several short- the ubiquitous …[Read more]

Drab to Fab Discarded wine case is reclaimed to create wall art and a side table

wine case to side table upcycle

If you have ever given a child a gift, or remember your own childhood, you know how important packaging is. The present itself is loved of course, but the box it comes in –  now that’s a treasure, the bigger the better! It could be a rocket, or an office, or a boat, or a bus. It could be a suitcase for all the stuff toys, or the raw material for the next craft. It …[Read more]

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FoodGuide 10 Vegetarian restaurants we love best in Singapore!

vegetarian singapore

If you are vegetarian, you have been through this: you join your friends for a meal, the ambience of the place is awesome, your friends are spoilt for choice by a menu that’s long and winding, and then when it’s your turn to order…. you have to order potatoes! It’s that, or beg the kitchen to change an item by leaving out the meat. Seriously, why can’t eating joints have a fair share of meatless …[Read more]

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Birthday ideas Advent calendar for the birthday month

diy toilet paper roll advent calendar

I had been saving up a surprise for my daugther’s 13th birthday for last few years, something unique to make her feel special on her arrival to the ‘teens’. It was to hand make a personalised advent calendar for the month of her birthday! Guess what? I couldn’t wait another year -which is when she actually turns 13- so I decided to surprise her this year when she turned 12 instead. The advent calendar gift …[Read more]