Events Holi celebrations at Esplanade

Esplanade - Colours of Spring

Happy Holi to all our readers! Of all Indian festivals, Holi screams rejuvenation the loudest. You literally wash the old off yourself in a play of colours and water! To experience the playful riot, we suggest you head to Esplanade this weekend. Our top pick? Play Holi on the lawns on Saturday [Mar 7, 4 – 7 pm]. Or check out various other free events spread across Mar 6 – 8.


Over-recycled The most clichéd movie themes ever!

What Secondsguru thinks of recycled movie themes!

Have you ever rented a movie on a Friday night only to get half way through it and think, Wait a second – haven’t I seen this before? You probably haven’t seen that movie but at least twenty other movies like it. Hollywood never tires of revisiting clichéd movie themes in the hope of bringing a new spin to them [and in the hope of cloning the original success!] but it just never quite happens. …[Read more]

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Gold & White, Blue & Black, who cares! To us, it's a single dress with two wears !! A new way of recycling #thedress

At Secondsguru, we’re loving #dressgate! Here’s why: (a) For a change, the #dress breaking the internet isn’t housing a celebrity; and (b) It gives us a brand new interpretation for our reuse/recycle mantra!  

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Kids Craft – Recycle toilet paper roll to make wire organizer

Toilet Paper to wire organizer, Shoe box to storage box, Kids art and craft

Last week when going through my 6-year-old son’s weekly class blog, I came across a fantastic idea which echoes very well with the value system of Secondsguru. The idea of initiating little people when they are really little into thinking about the benefits of recycling, saving the planet and telling them that the choices people make impact living things in the environment. To get the point across, the kids had been shown videos at school about sea turtles who are sadly choking to …[Read more]