Loss of the Wild Human expansion is remapping the Earth


In our quest to create an ideal world for ourselves, where homes are aplenty, work is abundant, and food is cheap, we have become the apex predators of the wild. Our ‘anthropogenic pressure’ on the environment where forests are turned to cities, lakes filled up for parking spaces, and oceans are plundered for food, has put an enormous strain on the biodiversity of the planet. The human-animal conflict has been going on from the beginning …[Read more]

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Eco Travel A comprehensive guide on how to TFH (Travel From Home)

virtual tour travel travel during covid coronavirus

Remember the year 2019 when life was immune to lockdowns, social distancing was n unknown concept, and Novak Djokovic could smash a tennis ball at any Grand Slam event in the world? Seems like a lifetime has passed since then! As a die-hard travel buff, I always believed that travel bans were reserved only for areas of conflict and the world was my oyster. All that changed when a little known virus turned our lives …[Read more]