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#RewearIt DARLINKS founder Priya Daniel shows you how to share your wardrobe with your mini fashionistas!

A jumpsuit with a history

As a mom to a boy, I’ve always envied my friends with daughters for only 1 reason – having fun dressing them up! While it’s great playing ‘dress up’ with these real dolls; it also means a large wardrobe of clothes, accessories and shoes which your toddler will outgrow sooner that you know it. I’m sure all toddler parents have experienced that ‘It’s been worn only once’ moment many a times and unfortunately, we still …[Read more]

The Life Cycle of Everyday Objects in my Indian Home

Use cookie tins to store sewing thread or trinkets

While growing up, most of my summer vacations were spent at my maternal grandparents’ home playing with toys made out of ordinary everyday things – toothpaste tube caps were collected, cleaned and we used them as building blocks or played checkers; cardboard boxes were repurposed to make doll houses, shops or even a train; used wrapping paper would be cut to make dresses for our cardboard dolls and toilet rolls would become binoculars for the …[Read more]

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Be a ‘Green’ Pet Parent │ Start Your Pet On Their Eco-Friendly Journey

Ways to reduce your Pets carbon footprint Pawprints

We may not be indulgent parents when it comes to our human babies; but one ‘woof’ or ‘purr’ from the 4 legged fur ball, we’ve melted and given in to their demands! The relationship that we share with our pets is probably one of the most trustworthy and of unconditional love, something that many human relationships may lack. It doesn’t matter if you have a betta fish in a bowl, a pony on your farm, …[Read more]