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Super 7 Vegetarian restaurants in Singapore you must try out !

uper 7 | Vegetarian restaurants you must try out in Singapore!

First, a confession. Team Secondsguru is not vegetarian. Second, a disclaimer. We are not persuading you to become one. That responsibility can be handled so much better by The Vegetarian Society, Singapore or Paul McCartney or a growing list of celebrities and establishments that are leading the way for plant-based diets in a trend across the world. What we will say is this – vegetables are bloody tasty, especially when prepared in the loving and …[Read more]


Upcycle Food waste Project X-pired by Food Bank Singapore

Project X-pired II by Food Bank Singapore

When Secondsguru spoke about Food Bank Singapore in the post dated July 31st, 2015 (read full article), our readers gave us a thumbs up and asked us to keep information about such local green endeavours in Singapore coming! More recently, we chanced upon Project X-pired II, an event organised to raise awareness of food wastage in Singapore by the Food Bank Singapore team (Good job guys!) and we are certain the pro-waste reduction audience of Secondsguru would love to know …[Read more]


Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore

As the final countdown for the 50th Birthday of Singapore begins, team Secondsguru put their heads together to list out what the city state stands for to the rest of the world – some of the remarkable events, locations, brands, attributes and food that define Singapore today, fifty years after the birth of the nation. What resulted was an impressive and enviable list. Detractors step back please! Happy Birthday Singapore. To 50 Golden years of peace, progress and growth!

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Tips & TricksBuy Baby stuff without breaking the bank!

Buy Baby stuff without breaking the bank!| Before you go and bankrupt yourself before the baby has even been born, consider buying these items #preloved!

The pre-baby months are an exciting time. Soon-to-be-parents spend their time studying books like The Contented Little Baby Book and The Shit No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year and making lists of all the bits and bobs the baby and nursing mother will need. It can be quite overwhelming once you start to realize just how much stuff a tiny little baby needs! It’s not just diapers and onesies …[Read more]