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In today’s busy world, maybe it’s actually a good thing to have a specific day assigned to love! This way, people are able to take the time out of their jam-packed schedules to appreciate loved ones and make at least these 24 hours special.

And no, we are not being sarcastic… we understand that every little thing you do daily does express your love but, sometimes, “You walk the dog and I’ll do the dishes” doesn’t really express emotion as well as a flower bouquet does.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone must be getting their to-do lists ready. At Secondsguru, we’ve made our own special list – we may or may not be ‘gurus’ of love, but we certainly are when it comes to being eco-friendly.

ideas for a special Valentine's day


Who doesn’t like receiving cards? Getting one from the store is easy but not so eco-friendly. Emailing is a perfectly good option, but it doesn’t really make the person feel THAT special… So, if you want to be eco-friendly and earn extra brownie points, a handmade card will do the trick. Use recycled paper, and go ahead – unleash your creative side! Drawing a blank? Here are some ideas: leftover wrapping paper can be used for a collage; dried and pressed flowers add a pretty touch; try this heart shaped plantable cards; you can even stitch a card!

Don’t want to make the typical card? Go ahead and make this cool painted twig heart canvas or this heart made with corks.


When the proclamation of love (read flower bouquet) arrives at your office desk or home doorstep, there’s that ‘awww’ moment… yes, we’ve all had one of those! So, we definitely want the flowers for V-day.

What we need to do is be environment conscious while choosing our bouquet of flowers.
1. Buy Local & Seasonal: Speak to the florist and choose flowers that are grown locally in your area and are in bloom this season. When we buy ‘exotic flowers’, we add jet fuel and excess packaging for transportation to our carbon footprint.

2. Skip the foam: Floral foam is a no-no. Instead, opt for a lovely hand-tied bunch, with minimal extra packaging. If you want, you can pick a reusable vase and get the florist to arrange the flowers in that.

We saved the best solution for the last… if you want to see your love growing every day, gift a flowering potted plant.


If you must BUY a gift, do skip all the extra packaging that comes along with it. It’s just fluff and adds no value to the gift, and will anyway probably end up in the trash. Here are our picks for eco-friendly his and her gifts.

Remember, the gift is a token of your love. And your partner will definitely appreciate one that you have planned and created all by yourself! There are many options to choose from online and here’s a guide of what you need to keep in mind before you embark on a DIY project.


It’s a special day and we want to look our best for those selfies that will be all over social media… let’s take a step back and think – who are we dressing up for? If that quiet voice in your head says, “Well, it’s for me and my love…” then why not work towards the blast-from-the-past effect! Wear something that you already own, something that has a memory attached to it. You can accessorise it in a new way, match it with something different or even recreate a favourite look.

Remember, however stunning it may be, your outfit will not glow as much as you will on this special day!


It’s said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… the same applies to women too. Food is a very important element in the romantic date scenario – it can make or break the night too!

While going out is always an option, a cosier choice would be to prepare a meal at home. And the best part is it could be something that you both do together! Check out these fun date night ideas for some inspiration and plan your own.


Skip the long drive; go for a walk instead. Walk with the waves lapping at your feet… walk along the promenade feeling the sea breeze…walk in a park and have a great conversation on the park bench…walk anywhere on a moonlit night… walk side-by-side like you always will.

We hope we’ve been able to help you with some eco-friendly ideas for V-day. While doing all these fun things are great, remember the emotion is always more important than the action.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

true meaning of Valentine's Day

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