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box of Joy secondsguru preloved items for kids (1)A smile has the power to raise one’s spirits and help one bounce back from the lowest low. What if the smile is on someone else’s face and you are the reason for it- even better, right? Join us in our “Box of joy” initiative and let us bring a smile on the face of a child – as we come together to share the love from our homes with a little person who really deserves to be happy.

About Box of Joy: We are asking young kids [under the able supervision of their parents] to put together few items – either preloved or new and unused- in an empty clean box (shoe box or similar size would be perfect). All they need to do, is to prepare the box with things they feel someone of the same gender and age would need. So do encourage your kids to join in.

How it works? Best to give you an example- If your kid is a girl who is 11 years old, she would need to prepare a shoe box with useful items [strictly from the list below] for another girl, exactly her age. A fair bit of thought is therefore needed to put it together.

Age group: This time, “Box of Joy” is needed for boys aged 4-7 years and girls aged 4-12 years.

Who it goes to? The boxes will be donated to the young kids at Ahuva Good Shepherd Marymount Centre in Singapore. The institution provides shelter to boys aged 4-7 and girls aged 4-12 yrs old -who are from troubled families owing to financial difficulty or with parents unable to provide for them. The children stay in Marymount’s temporary home in Singapore for a period of 4-8 weeks, until they find a foster home or move out to a more permanent shelter more suited for them. 

Collection information:

Time and date:

Thursday April 27| 11am- 1pm

Friday April 28th| 5pm-7pm


Lara Rath, # 03-02, Block 11, Regency Park, 11 Nathan Road, Singapore 248732

Anuja Byotra, #12-13, Lobby N, Pebble Bay, Tanjong Rhu

What can go into the box?

The must haves which must be new: Toothbrush, toothpaste, stickers, toiletries (small bottle of bath gel, hair shampoo or bath soaps)  

These items are welcome if preloved but in mint condition: Pencil box, reusable water bottle, clean night suits, stationary, shorts, bath towel, card games or small toys [strictly no stuffed toys]

When you drop offDo write the gender and age of the child on the box 

Can I give anything else? We have put together this list after a thorough discussion with the helpful staff at Ahuva Good Shepherd, so please stick to the items on it. They pointed out that the kids who come to the centre are usually from familiar- albeit unpleasant circumstances – so a welcome box with carefully selected items from kids similar in age would definitely bring a smile on their faces and help allay their initial apprehensions. The centre does not require cash at the moment.

Our connection with Good Shepherd: Secondsguru has associated with the Ahuva Good Shepherd centre over the last 2 years in a multitude of ways. We did a dry food collection drive in Dec 2015 and donated all the collections to them. Additionally, Secondgsuru also sends all cash proceeds collected by our enthusiastic Piggy Bank club members in their recycled Piggy banks on a quarterly basis to the charity.





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