Recycling in Singapore Tackling some common myths

waste management and recycling in singapore

I have been witness to a fair number of notions and misconceptions that people have about recycling in Singapore – mostly first-hand [perhaps because of my association with Secondsguru], sometimes from the grapevine too. When I realised that the there are way too many myths about recycling in Singapore, I decided that I would do my bit by clearing the air on some of them. In the process I am hoping that perhaps I will be able to build a case …[Read more]

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Eco-warriors A first hand account of life in Ladakh as a volun’tourist’

Ladakh a journey, 17000 ft foundation, sustainable living

Ananya, at seventeen, is our youngest guest author yet. An 11th grade student at The Shri Ram School, New Delhi, India, she loves children, animals, books, and music. A writer of poetry, a painter of sorts, and a singer of tunes, she dreams of a better, kinder world. She has penned this article based on her experiences in the tranquil valleys of Ladakh while volunteering with 17000 ft Foundation, an NGO. What struck us the most …[Read more]

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Our food habits can help contain climate change !

Food spectrum, vegan diet, meatless

Our guest blogger today is Michael Broadhead, an IB Chemistry teacher at the Canadian International School, Lakeside campus in Singapore. But that barely begins to define the world of information he communicates to the world in his life as an eco-warrior. Team Secondsguru first met him when he was conceptualizing and putting together the very first Earth Festival in Singapore in September 2015. A first-of-its-kind in our city, the event was created to encourage community-based sustainable and green living. …[Read more]

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Be part of a Fashion Revolution An ethical one

Fashion Revolution Singapore 2016

On the 24th of April 2013, at the start of a regular work day, Rana Plaza, a multi-storey factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed – crushing several dreams, unrealised aspirations and most tragically thousands of lives. What was going on in this rather large facility? It was yet another sweatshop where workers were employed at abysmally low wages in poor conditions to manufacture garments for large apparel brands who satiate consumers need for “fast fashion”, a category …[Read more]