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Tips & TricksBuy Baby stuff without breaking the bank!

Buy Baby stuff without breaking the bank!| Before you go and bankrupt yourself before the baby has even been born, consider buying these items #preloved!

The pre-baby months are an exciting time. Soon-to-be-parents spend their time studying books like The Contented Little Baby Book and The Shit No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year and making lists of all the bits and bobs the baby and nursing mother will need. It can be quite overwhelming once you start to realize just how much stuff a tiny little baby needs! It’s not just diapers and onesies …[Read more]

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Events Jewels in the Tale: Children’s theatre

Events| Jewels in the Tale: Children's theatre- Discover some fascinating insights into Asia’s colourful heritage of folk tales with iTheatre’s Jewels in the Tale production. An energetic physical theatre, with masks, puppetry, fun, colour and music this show promises to be a hit with young ones and adults alike.

Jewels in the Tale is a marvellous and mischievous production from iTheatre  featuring carefully selected stories and folklore from around the region including The Crane’s Gratitude from Japan, Tenali Raman and the Three Thieves from India, and The Four Dragons from China, amongst others. Playfully presented through energetic physical theatre, masks and puppetry, each tale is told in a different style, with elements of Japanese Noh, Classical Indian Dance, Chinese opera blended with western styles of broad slapstick …[Read more]

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Summer Fun 10 “Green”spirational books for kids !

Our pick of 10 green books to read to your kids this summer! These Earth-friendly stories will inspire budding environmentalists, teach little ones about sustainability and encourage them to be kind to Mother Nature.

Three years ago, when my son was in lower kindergarten, they had a unit on the 3Rs- reducing, recycling and reusing. What I loved about this unit was watching how the kids really took these things to heart and did their little bit for Mother Earth. So in my house – plastic use was reduced, we discussed how to reuse a lot of the stuff at home and talked about the importance of doing something …[Read more]

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DIY BirdhouseInvite birds to your balcony

DIY Birdhouse- More Birds in your backyard

Children have a way of making everything feel magical and exciting. Follow your kids into your own backyard and you’ll feel as though you’ve never really seen it before. They’ll tell you that the flowers you’ve grown so used to you hardly even notice them anymore look like dancing monkeys. They’ll let you know that the ancient tree next to the shed reminds them of a grumpy old grandpa. Stimulate that imagination – let your …[Read more]