Diary of a “green living” practitioner What I say, what you think

Tips on How to live green in daily life

Living and breathing the ethos of Secondsguru for the last one and half years has made me come a long way in my personal life – from being a consumer to a conscious consumer, from being environmentally aware to being environmentally conscientious. More recently (and most unintentionally) I had started sharing “tips on how to live green” to tackle the problem of global warming and climate change with my friends over lunches, casual coffees and dinners in addition …[Read more]

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Our food habits can help contain climate change !

Food spectrum, vegan diet, meatless

Our guest blogger today is Michael Broadhead, an IB Chemistry teacher at the Canadian International School, Lakeside campus in Singapore. But that barely begins to define the world of information he communicates to the world in his life as an eco-warrior. Team Secondsguru first met him when he was conceptualizing and putting together the very first Earth Festival in Singapore in September 2015. A first-of-its-kind in our city, the event was created to encourage community-based sustainable and green living. …[Read more]


Reinvent yourself Can you create your avatar?

Reinvent yourself - Can you create your avatar?

What do you do when you are told you can never walk again? Our Guest Blogger Pooja Arora answered that question nearly two decades ago in a journey that has so far taken her through deep dives in alternative healing and wellness, high peaks of the corporate ladder, even entrepreneurship attempts – and the thread that connects her successes and challenges is the subject of reinvention. Whether it is a habit, a career, a relationship, …[Read more]

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“Journey East”Eco-friendly furniture from the EAST

Showcase| Journey East, a furniture store from the East

Journey East is a Singapore-based furniture retailer and home accessories store with a  soul: it specializes in recycled and reclaimed wood furniture. The store was set up in 1995 at Dempsy Hill and back then the collection comprised primarily of repurposed Dutch colonial and Javanese furniture. Over the years their repertoire has expanded to include brands and designers whose ethos resonates with that of Journey East: They are either Eco-friendly designer furniture or aesthetically designed reclaimed teak furniture and accessories. Today Journey …[Read more]