Showcase Upcycling plastic bags with theKANG

Upcycling plastic bags with theKang

“We all have our favourite ruler,” explains Kang, as he suddenly pauses in the middle of a demonstration, gives up the steel slide-rule in his hand to pick up another, seemingly identical piece on the table, then restarts the lesson. And I get a glimpse as to the differences between me – a mere layman, and him – an artisan. I’ve been picky about shoes, grammatical errors, movie logic and and many, many, other things… …[Read more]

Junk to Funk Here’s how some people are rocking recycling

Vinyl records to earrings, nuts and bolts to framed art - artists around the world are innovatively transforming discards to art! Here is our pick of 5 inspiring artists that upcycle junk into masterpieces

Although most of us aren’t happy to admit it, we all have our secret junk-drawers. You know, that one drawer in your desk that is completely unorganised and the sole purpose of which seems to be accumulating more and more trash that you won’t get rid of. Once a year when we find ourselves in spring-cleaning spirits, we tackle the dreaded sanctuary and start sorting out the accumulated orphans – pens that no longer work, lids …[Read more]