Be a “green” Yogi!

Where to buy Eco friendly Yoga wear and gear

With an increasing number of fashion conscious men and women adopting Yoga as the “go to work-out regime” today, yoga is not for the fashion backward anymore! Move on ill-fitted t-shirts and lounge pants, yoga is all about stylish comfort these days. Walk into any Yoga studio and you will see yogis and yoginis in an enviable range of yoga wear – imagine a cute printed tank on the girl ahead of you or classy sweat absorbing …[Read more]

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Tips & TricksChecklist for buying a used laptop

Tips&Tricks | Checklist for buying a used laptop | Simple tips to help you avoid lemons and find a laptop for keeps!

Is your laptop on the fritz again? It’s a real nuisance seeing as laptops are usually a lot costlier and more complicated to fix than regular PCs. If you’re really unlucky, repairing costs may work out to be just as much as buying a new laptop! How the hell is that fair, you ask? Well, it’s not but that’s just the way it goes in the world of technology. Fortunately, you can now find good …[Read more]

Tips & TricksBuy Baby stuff without breaking the bank!

Buy Baby stuff without breaking the bank!| Before you go and bankrupt yourself before the baby has even been born, consider buying these items #preloved!

The pre-baby months are an exciting time. Soon-to-be-parents spend their time studying books like The Contented Little Baby Book and The Shit No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year and making lists of all the bits and bobs the baby and nursing mother will need. It can be quite overwhelming once you start to realize just how much stuff a tiny little baby needs! It’s not just diapers and onesies …[Read more]

Donate, provide and save the planet The Food Bank Singapore

Donate, Provide and Save the Planet | The Food Bank Singapore Feed families, not landfills. Let's make a difference together.Click through to find out more

According to the NEA in 2014, 788,600 tonnes of food waste was generated in Singapore of which just 13% was recycled. The rest – the weight of almost 2 Empire State buildings! – was disposed of at the incineration plants and then landfilled. The world has more than enough food to end hunger. The problem is distribution – and this is the problem that The Food Bank Singapore tries to fix – bridging the gap …[Read more]