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Coronatimes The silver linings in a world grappling with a pandemic

covid19 the good at the time of novel coronavirus pandemic

As I write this article, I don’t know what worries me more – the bombardment of information coming my way (and me having to sieve through all of it!) or the fast paced global spread of COVID-19 itself. Either way, I feel like I’m stuck in a real life Pac-Man game – it’s only a matter of time before the ghosts catch up! By now we are aware of the necessary precautions that need to …[Read more]

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EcoBeauty 5 DIY skincare recipes using fruit leftovers and kitchen ingredients for a home spa, by SVA 

Sva skincare recipes using fruits

Today’s article comes from the pen and kitchen of Deepali Sakhare, the Founder and Chief Formulator at Singapore-based skincare and haircare brand SVA. She shares recipes derived from Ayurvedic wisdom and modern pharmacology to clean up your beauty regimen. Many among us are making conscious efforts to switch to beauty products that are natural and organic. After all, who wouldn’t prefer wholesome beauty solutions- products that make us look better without resorting to quick-fix toxins, …[Read more]

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Microplastic Mayhem The tiny pollutant that has a big impact

microplastic in our gut ocean everywhere

Microplastics are everywhere – from remote areas in the Pyrenees Mountains in France that are covered with airborne microplastics to right at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest ocean trench, where a plastic bag and candy wrappers were discovered and even in the Arctic snow, where researchers have found high levels of microplastic trapped in the ice cores. And it isn’t only nature that is filled with it; we’ve known for a …[Read more]

Preloved Furniture Our top picks to find the best deals in Singapore!

where to buy used furniture in singapore

Does this ring a bell? You inquired about the price of an orange bench, and upon hearing the answer, had trouble keeping your jaw closed. You are an expat and don’t want to spend a fortune furnishing a house you may stay in for just a couple of years. You want to replace an aging sofa, but every time you see the price tag of a new one, you think it is better to just …[Read more]