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Buying for keeps 4 simple tips to keep your piano in mint condition!

Tips & Tricks | Wondering how to keep your piano in mint condition? 4 simple tips to take care of your piano and keep it sounding pitch perfect for yours to come!

Do you fancy yourself to be a bit of an Arthur Rubinstein? Admit it; you spend hours letting your fingers dance over the keys of your beloved piano every night, in the hopes of finally mastering that Yann Tiersen piece you love so much; you know, that famous piece from Amelie. That’s totally understandable! The piano is one of the most powerful instruments, one that is capable of inducing intense emotions and producing beautiful sounds. …[Read more]

Tips for buying used furniture #1 Fall in love

Tips on how to buy used wooden furniture

Picture Source: morguefile.com via jeltovski My art history teacher in design school often told us ‘there are no rules to liking art or falling in love, just go with your heart’. Buying wooden furniture, especially ones with a bit of a history is both like loving art and finding love. They need to appeal to you beyond the prosaic functionality, you need a certain je ne se quoi as you literally live with it and …[Read more]

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Sepia memories Why you need to print your photos now!

Printing photos to preserve memories; here's why and how

It’s hard to imagine that your parents were once young people themselves, free of the care and responsibilities that befall one as one “settles” into marriage, children, chasing careers and paying off mortgages and going through the vicissitudes of a normal life. That they actually had a sense of fashion through the 70s and 80s before ‘dad jeans’ and walking around the house in housewife clothes became the norm. I went home recently, and spent half a …[Read more]

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Gold & White, Blue & Black, who cares! To us, it's a single dress with two wears !! A new way of recycling #thedress

At Secondsguru, we’re loving #dressgate! Here’s why: (a) For a change, the #dress breaking the internet isn’t housing a celebrity; and (b) It gives us a brand new interpretation for our reuse/recycle mantra!