Drab to Fab Vintage Sewing Machine gets a glam makeover

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! At Secondsguru, we love to see an upcycling story like this vintage sewing machine that got a glam makeover.

Isn’t it amazing what a bit of fixing and a can of spray paint can do? At first glance this dusty, old Singer sewing machine from Thieves Market with a rotting wood top didn’t look like it had much hope [and I told my husband so with the requisite raised eyebrows]. But after a good sandpaper scrubbing, spray painting on the base, and a clear glass on top, it transformed into a fabulous, charming and stylish …[Read more]

DIY The Quirky Shoe Garden

DIY | The Quirky Shoe Garden - These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do? With a little thought and creativity old shoes- sneakers, boots, wellies, stilettoes can be repurposed into a stylish flower planter for your garden or balcony! Check out this nifty idea here/ Read on for some creative inspiration

If you have a garden, chances are you treat it as an extension of your home. After all, your garden isn’t just something to be viewed from your window, it is to be lived in and experienced. Tending to your flowers and plants is one thing; bringing your own style and personality into it is a whole different – and fun – story! If you don’t have the luxury of space, your garden could be also …[Read more]

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DIY Easter in a Jar

Easter goodies in a mason jar! A step-by-step guide for a gift / centrepiece

Come November and the shops are chock-a-block with Christmas lights, decorations, ornaments and table cloths. Although there are plenty of decorations you could easily make yourself, shopping malls and Mom & Pop shops house everything we could possibly want or need; so why bother, right? When it comes to Easter on the other hand, the most we can expect from the shops are seasonal flowers and an abundance of chocolates in the shape of eggs, …[Read more]

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Spring Fling Home-made potpourri

DIY project - PotpourrI

The first weeks of March may still be chilly as I write this down in Spain, but I can already see the manifestations of Spring all around me. The grass is finally settling back into a luscious green, trees and flowers are ready to sport their summer colours and the days are finally getting longer. Going on long walks during this time of the year pulls us out of our winter blues and readies us for …[Read more]