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No, I have not spelt ‘B’logging incorrectly. Allow me to introduce you to the funkiest trend ever- Plogging, or Picking Litter as you go Jogging– a fitness craze born in Sweden and spreading fast to the west and to the far east. It is as simple as it sounds and started when the locals noticed, ignored at first and eventually felt bothered by the surge in litter along their usual jogging paths.

Don’t we all get disturbed by the heaps of carelessly dropped cigarette buds, plastic bottles, cans, tissue paper, used food packaging as we walk or jog around in Singapore. Whether one is at Orchard Road, walking/jogging along the Park Connector Network or hanging out at one of the many pristine beach fronts of Singapore- this not-so-pretty sight has sadly become common in our once spanking clean city. The good news- environmentally conscious individuals in Singapore are catching on to the plogging bandwagon. The ultimate solution to this is, of course, to not litter at all. But while we work on the mindset change, awareness and education, why don’t we make plogging a local movement too? A movement that each one of us embraces, not only the “eco warriors”. In fact, why not extend Plogging to PLOLL or Picking Litter as you stroll. Looks like we just coined a new term!

Whether you PLOLL or PLOG, all you need is a bag and a pair of gloves or tongs and pick litter along the away. Achieve the dual goal of working out while cleaning up. Will the litter picking hamper your workout? Far from it. As per the fitness app Lifesum, a half-hour of jogging plus picking up trash [where you are squatting or lunging to pick] will burn 288 calories for the average person, compared with the 235 burned by jogging alone. A brisk walk will expend about 120. [Source]

The more enthusiastic we are about clearing any out-of-place litter we see, the more likely we will succeed in making a tangible difference. Are you convinced about the need to embrace this movement in Singapore? If yes, then here’s what you can do to pitch in

1. Pledge to dispose of your trash and recyclables properly. Educate your family, domestic help and friends along the way. Click here for a handy guide to recycling in Singapore.

2. Aim to PLOG/ PLOLL it at least once a month at the outset. Try to do it one a week over time. [Do not leave home without a bag and gloves].

2. Once you have collected the litter, sort them into recyclables and trash. Send the recyclables to the recycling bin and the trash to the trash can.

3. Inspire like-minded individuals to join in the movement by sharing pictures on social media every time you do it. Add #cleanasugo and # plogging #plolling.

As is perhaps evident, I have recently joined the movement. Here is my personal plogging journey, in pictures…

plogging in singapore trash and recyclables grange to orchard road
Day 1- Charged up, I walked to my Yoga studio, plogging along the way!
plogging in singapore trash and recyclables alexandra park connector network singapore
Day 2: Took a break from yoga, and went plogging along the PCN in Singapore
plogging in singapore trash and recyclables river valley road to robertson quay park connector network singapore
Day 3: Still going strong

Some other stories from Singapore: Singapore has several inspirational stories of people picking litter voluntarily because it bothers them. I have taken permission from two of them and shared their stories here [Unfortunately, I did not hear back from few others who I asked] Don’t you wonder why those who create the mess in the first place, do not get bothered by their actions or the repercussions their actions can have? Here is hoping more like-minded people from the civil society join in one of these easy-to-do activities – Plogging or Plolling– in Singapore so that more of us can lead a truly ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’ in Singapore.

Lisa jones plogging in Singapore secondsguru
A fitness instructor, Lisa Jones is a true blue eco-warrior inspiring several others in the community

plogging in singapore michael mike braodhead

This one’s from where it all started- Sweden!


Plogging is a new fitness trend out of Sweden that's good for you and the environment.

Posted by Green Matters on Friday, February 23, 2018

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  • Hi Lara!

    My name is Patricia and I am a writer for the Singapore Kindness Movement’s blog, The Pride. You can read some of our stories here:

    Our stories are related to kindness and graciousness, and aim to provide food for thought for our readers. We are interested in writing a story on plogging and how it can benefit your health and the environment at the same time.

    As part of my story, I would like to accompany you on a day of plogging. If you have the time, could you please e-mail me back?

    Thank you,

  • Brilliant idea,need to start doing this in Hong Kong too!

    • Please do Yosha! And do share pictures and stories with us on facebook/

  • In Schweden gibt es schon zahlreiche «Plogging»-Events, wo in der Gruppe «geploggt» wird. Unter dem Hashtag #plogging finden sich zahlreiche Bilder und Videos von überzeugten «Ploggern». «Plogging» hat den Weg auch schon nach Amerika geschafft. Ein Triathlon-Team in Costa Rica hat «Plogging» sogar in sein Trainingsprogramm integriert.   Auch in Köln gibt es schon viele «Plogging»-Fans.

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