Published 17 May 2020 ● Last Updated on 15 July 2020

Data, Wi-Fi, connectivity – terms we have all come to appreciate even more in 2020!

With the human population staying ‘stuck’ indoors, the internet has become one of our main sources of connection with the outside world – nearly anything we need is available online from essential services to ‘feel good’ services. So, it is no surprise that social media is formulating new ways to keep all of us ‘productively’ occupied; or not. 

We recommend that you steer clear of the VIRAL Coronavirus by staying at home and taking necessary precautions when stepping out. However, do give the VIRAL social media challenges in 2020 a try – there is one for everyone! You could try out a fun workout, show off your cooking skills, spread awareness and even test your couple skills (Ever spent this much time together?). So, if you are on Instagram or TikTok, check out 8 of our favourite  challenges and give some (or perhaps all) a try!

Category Art: Getty Museum Challenge

If you are an art enthusiast, this challenge is right up your alley! To keep people ‘artistically’ busy during lockdown, the J Paul Getty Museum asked their social media followers to choose a masterpiece from the museum’s collection and recreate it using elements lying around their homes. The response has been overwhelming and the challenge has since then spread beyond its original boundaries -it’s even spawned an FB group of recreators that is half-a-million strong (and counting) in a mere month!

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Getty Museum Challenge Frida
Frida Kahlo’s painting Me and My Parrot (1941) recreated for the Getty Museum Challenge (Image Credit: @julie_happyfamily)

Category Awareness: Ghen Covy Challenge

This ‘hand wash dance’ challenge spreads awareness about the precautions that individuals need to take during the Coronavirus breakout. It all started with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health releasing an awareness video that had a catchy tune; then, dance and influencer Quang Dang created the dance steps that show the correct way of washing our hands as recommended by the WHO. Here is the original video that has gone viral.

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Baile por noche! #ghencovychallenge #cleanhands #nurses #icu #covid19

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Category Fitness: Plank Challenge

The plank challenge has been around for a while – all you have to do is stay in plank position for 15 to 30 seconds. However, the latest version of the plank challenge is literally quite the challenge – you need two participants to do coordinated steps while in plank position. So, for all those fitness buffs who are working out at home, give this ‘dance’ plank a try.

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Category Dance: Blinding Lights Challenge

If you are hoping to dance all your worries away, this viral social media challenge may just do the trick! The song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd is a foot-tapping chart-topper. So, when someone choreographed a dance video to its tune on TikTok and shared it – the moves just took off. From construction workers to firefighters to individuals, this song has everyone grooving (and doing their own thing!)

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Category Relationship: Couples Challenge

Ever spent this much time locked in with your partner? Well, here’s your chance to test how well you know each other by taking this couples challenge. Keep in mind, it’s all for fun – let this not ‘disrupt’ the lockdown harmony at home.

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Category Personality: Flip the Switch

Set to the lyrics of Drake’s song Flip The Switch, two participants are required for this challenge. When the lyrics “I just flipped the switch” come, lights go out and then on to reveal that the participants have flipped position, clothes and even behaviour! The results are quite hilarious. Personally, I wish I could flip the switch on 2020 and turn it off.

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Category Fashion: Pillow Challenge

By now, everyone should have caught up on all the sleep that we would have missed in this lifetime! If not, you still have time. And while you’re at it, try out the latest fashion statement – the quarantine pillow dress. Strap on your pillow with a belt, accessorise and you’re ready for the day. ZZZZZZ….

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Pillow Challenge 2020
This mother-daughter duo are dressed in the season’s best! (Image credit: @family_kraft)
pillow challenge boys
A unisex fashion statement – rarely happens! (Image credit: @brosbeingbasic)

Category Food: Dalgona Coffee Challenge

If you wanted to show off your culinary skills, try making the popular dalgona coffee that has everyone excited about its looks and not so much the taste (unless you like milky coffee)! Did you know that this is a popular street food in Korea? Read about the story behind the dalgona coffee challenge here.

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Dalgona Coffee Challenge
Whipped coffee peaks with milky base – perfecto! (Image credit: @lidzia58)

Ready. Set. Challenge

We hope you enjoyed this compilation and will try at least one of these challenges. Do share your versions when you try any of these out! 

PS: Take a challenge they said… It will be fun they said… :0

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