Tips on How to live green in daily lifeLiving and breathing the ethos of Secondsguru for the last one and half years has made me come a long way in my personal life – from being a consumer to a conscious consumer, from being environmentally aware to being environmentally conscientious. More recently (and most unintentionally) I had started sharing “tips on how to live green” to tackle the problem of global warming and climate change with my friends over lunches, casual coffees and dinners in addition to the weekly write-ups on Much to my surprise and after a few such get-togethers which had identical patterns- me sermonizing, the rest just nodding, I started noticing a dramatic change in the pattern of my interactions with these friends – a large part of my calls are not returned, catch-up plans are unexpectedly cancelled, and WhatsApp messages are being left in “unread” status till oblivion.

Today’s piece is dedicated to all my friends – young and old, big and small. This is how I think you feel when I go overboard in my tips on being green with you. But equally I know that “Lost my friends, I have not. Not happen, that will.  Yes, hmmm…”!

PS: Also, please respond to those WhatsApp messages and calls guys!

What I say What my friends think

Do not buy single serving items, take your own water and take a reusable beverage mug when you leave home.

My purse is heavy enough already, thanks you very much!

When you go shopping, please buy consciously-ethical brands or thrift stores Ah thanks for telling me, I am usually unconscious when I am shopping
Clothes should be a need, not much of a want  But I want, want, want -more, more, more.
Buy local and seasonal– its usually fresh and healthier Hey, but I like Thai mangoes in December
Reuse your old clothes by creating something new Unlike you (that would be me), resuing and recycling is not my day job
Use cosmetics and personal care products that are free of toxic chemicals Honestly what I use works for me and I figured it out after a lot of tries!
Turn the air con-off when you leave the room But I like it cool when I walk back in lah!
Lose the car- Walk, bike or take public transport to work Yes right, and lose my job for turning up drenched in sweat!
Make your home chemical free – use green cleaners Seriously, is anything safe anymore?

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