Published 28 March 2015 ● Last Updated on 24 November 2016

Come November and the shops are chock-a-block with Christmas lights, decorations, ornaments and table cloths. Although there are plenty of decorations you could easily make yourself, shopping malls and Mom & Pop shops house everything we could possibly want or need; so why bother, right? When it comes to Easter on the other hand, the most we can expect from the shops are seasonal flowers and an abundance of chocolates in the shape of eggs, bunnies and lambs. Surely we can do better than that?! With the onset of spring, Easter should be a time to celebrate bright, beautiful colours, so that’s exactly what we are going to do today! We’re going to show you how to put together a colourful center piece that can also be used as a gift for friends and family!

Easter goodies in a mason jar! A step-by-step guide for your gift / centrepiece. Get creative and give the bunny a different home [and reuse that old glass jar!] in our latest ‪#‎DIY‬!To begin with: Put those mason jars to good use!

Seeing as we will be making the kind of Easter center piece that can also double as an adorable gift for your friends or your children’s teacher, we figured we would try something a little different today. Instead of using the cliché basket, we will be using a mason jar for our Easter fun. Yes! You can finally put that massive peanut butter jar you’ve been saving for all this time to good use!

Next: Spruce up the Easter Bunny’s lodgings

First we’ll need to offer our Easter Bunny a lawn, some pebbles or a nest to inspire his colourful egg-laying. We used vibrant green aquarium gravel as our first layer and then topped it off by adding some multicoloured aquarium stones. The stones are great because they kind of look like a mixture of candy and miniature eggs from afar! You can buy the gravel and the stones in any DIY, pet or hardware store for under $5.

Then, of course: Egg it Up!

Once you’ve prepared your bunny’s new lodgings, you’re going to have to keep him happy with some delicious chocolate eggs. Who knows? They might just inspire him to lay more of his own! We opted for two different kinds of classic Cadbury eggs: Plain milk chocolate and caramel. They have the perfect size and colours to really make your center piece pop!

And Finally! Introducing the Easter Bunny

Now that we’ve created this lovely little nest, let’s make our Easter Bunny! The easiest way is to draw it, stick it on to a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Once your bunny has dried, you can colour it in using water colours, acrylics, markers or crayons. When you’re bunny is ready to explore his new digs, carefully tape two toothpicks on to his back making sure that at least 2cm of the pick is sticking out from under its body. Gently place your Easter Bunny into the jar, firmly sticking the pick into the gravel. Your bunny is now ready to get his Easter on!

But don’t forget: The crowning glory!

By wrapping a floral crown beneath the lid of the jar, we’ll be giving your center piece that final touch that will turn it into a real conversation piece. We used a simple flower crown that we picked up in one of those exciting little junk shops us DIY-ers just looooove. Just give it a little snip through the middle and adjust it around the jar’s lid, really bending the wire and shaping it until it becomes one with the jar; cut off any loose hanging remains of the flower crown. You will see that this last detail will deliver that warm and colourful sense of spring!

Roxanne is a German/British Journalist/Author based in Spain who shares our passion for all things old and quirky.


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