Published 25 June 2015 ● Last Updated on 6 December 2016

Add some magic to your wall with this cool and quirky photo frame! Click through for some DIY inspiration ...
A new way to use your photo-frames!

I just love collecting all things old and quirky, so when my sister-in-law returned from her African Safari holiday and gifted us a classic vintage photo-frame from Africa, it was a perfect gift. Small caveat though: I did not know how to put it to use, neither did the frame have glass in the front nor a mounting board at the back. For the longest time, this gorgeous piece of art adorned our study wall staring at us ‘blankly’ everyday, day after day! This continued until we had some family pictures which we wanted to display prominently in the house. As I started looking for ideas in magazines and online, I had a moment of artistic epiphany.

All I needed was a hammer, few small nails, some non-slippery rope (I used eco-friendly jute rope) and some wooden paper clips. I hammered the nails on the frame at the spots I wanted to tie in the rope. Once done, I clipped the photographs on. And it was ready!

If you have an old photoframe which you want to revamp/upcycle or a new one which you do not know how to use,try this out at home. You can try this out, even if the frame has glass in the front and mounting at the back. Its simple, easy and makes the perfect dinner conversation piece.

In fact, I have aspirations of making a much larger scale photograph display signature piece on a vintage door frame or window frame…I am still scouting around for the right piece though! In case you know of any such pieces on sale in Singapore, write in to me at



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