Drab to Fab | Ikea step-stool makeover. An easy DIY to transform Bekvam or any wooden stool into an arty-crafty piece of furniture!I wanted to purchase a stylish step-stool for my kitchen. Unfortunately, store after store I visited carried pieces that were meant to be hidden inside a closet than displayed with elan. So I decided to just hack an IKEA step-stool (BEKVAM from IKEA, S$24.90) in this easy DIY!

I had a box full of maps and tickets from my travels (yes, I am a hoarder!) that I had been meaning to upcycle for a while. Their bright colours were perfect for what I had in mind – a collage. I cut out large rectangles of varying sizes from the maps and pasted them with PVA craft glue on the wooden stool. For visual variety, I interrupted the terrains with spent Eurorail passes and museum tickets. A couple of hours – and the piece was ready!

After the “artwork” completely dried through, I was careless and used it immediately – erm, NOT a good idea. If you try this DIY – make sure you add a few quotes of decoupage or lacquer on top. Else, as on my piece, the paper will catch the footprints and dust that you cannot wipe off!

Luckily, this craft activity is fun and easy enough for me to give another shot (and include by kids in the process!). Drop me a note below if you give it a shot too (better yet, leave a picture on our FB page) – and do tell us what materials you use for the collage. As for me, I plan to recycle my old calendars this time round (yes, I really need to stop hoarding!).






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