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After the resounding success of our 2015 edition of eco gift ideas for her, we are back with the curated list for 2016/17 . You can use this list to pick the most appropriate eco and sustainable present for the special girl in your life- she can be your best friend, partner, mother, or sister. Whether you are looking for a landmark birthday gift or a Christmas gift or something just to say you love her, we think this list will serve you well. The best part is that all 10 items on our list happen to be either made in Singapore or brought to Singapore by home grown brands. Such a proud moment. Go Singapore! 

1. Affordable style files: Recycled plastic rugs
Starting price SG$ 99 for a 90cm x 179cm rug. Bigger sizes available online and in-store. Buy here.

If she is looking for a floor rug which takes the decor of her home to the next level, then these exquisite ones from Affordable Style files deserve to be considered. Made from recycled shopping bags & plastic articles, these rugs comes in bright prints and bold colors and are just, different. The best part: these can be hand washed with water and are reversible. The purchase will need her to be involved, yes most definitely, so do take her along or ask her to choose online. You could even get her a gift voucher from the store for starters, and take her there to pick the mat of her choice. Nestled in the former barracks at Dempsy Hill, you can make this outing a lunch catch up at one of the exquisite restaurants there.  

What we love the most? The rugs are made from recycled plastic and can be cleaned with water-only water!  

Vibrant floor mats to brighten up her home and mood

2. Aerospring Garden – Vertical gardening system
Two varieties: Aerospring Garden Pro – grows 36 plants (usual $780) and Aerospring Garden Standard – grows 27 plants (usual $680). Both come with free seedlings and essential nutrients. Special Christmas offer: $100 off both. Buy here

See a budding gardener in her? This aeroponic gardening system is easy to assemble and easy to use. If your mom, wife or friend is keen to have her own urban garden in her balcony, then this is the ideal gift for her. All it needs is some sunlight and lots of love and she can grow fresh herbs, salad leaves and tomatoes in the comfort of her home. The founders of the brand have recently started holding free workshops for ASG owners and for those who are curious to know how it works. Perhaps you could try it out yourself before deciding on this gift? Check the website for more info. 

What we love the most? No soil at all, less water usage (10% lesser than conventional farming)

 Aerospring garden singapore, aeroponics
No soil aeroponic gardening systems

3. Ecoffee cup -Reusable bamboo fibre coffee/tea mugs
Priced at SG$ 20 for 12 oz cup. To buy, write to

Does she love a few cups of tea/ coffee (or both) a day? You can consider getting her this visually pleasing and reusable bamboo fibre cup. Not only will you play a significant part in saving planet earth [most disposable paper cups which you get at coffee shops cannot be recycled], you will also have a very happy girl. The patterns and colors are vibrant, they will just make her mornings and afternoons brighter.

What we love the most? The cup is made of bamboo fibre and can be used as compost you are done using it, the lid and sleeve are made of silicone and recyclable too

ecoffee-cup-made-of-bamboo-fibre secondsguru
Guilt-free reusable bamboo fibre cups

4. Ittakesballs- Handmade clutches
Priced at SG$ 118 for the Bag it up clutch 

Ittakeballs is a Singapore based brand which goes back to the basics – all their bags are hand knitting using fabric roll off-cuts sourced from textile factories. As a result, every bag is unique. If she has an eye for things unique as well as ethical/ sustainable, then do take a look at these versatile hand knitted clutches which can convert to a sling at will. Moreover the color choices are plenty, dependant on the availability though, so if she has a favourite shade you know of, go online and order now.

What we love the most? Hand made and unique- absolutely delicious! 

hand knitted fabric clutch ittakesballs singapore
Stunning clutch hand knitted from scrap fabric

5.The Looms workshop- Customise Your Tote
Priced at 15$. To buy click here

If the lady/girl who you want to get the gift for, is a DIY enthusiast or a sewing diva, then this is the perfect gift for her! This DIY tote bag is an idea put together by two lovely ladies- Sherie and Nasyitah -at The Looms Workshops, a Singapore-based social enterprise. The mission of this organisation is to educate, empower and enable families to lead a respectable life. All materials needed for the project are included in the kit-  geometric and organic shapes, fabric and step by step guidelines on how to proceed.
What we love the most? Good people genuinely trying to help a cause while also encouraging the maker movement.
Looms workshop, diy , tote bag, upcycle
DIY – Upcycled tote bag with fabric scraps

6. Zhai: Scallop raspberry Santorini dress 100% linen
Priced at 139$. Buy at the store 82 Haji Lane, Singapore 189272 or at Tanglin Mall, shop no 02-26

Another Singapore based eco brand, Zhai is all about conscious and ethical consuming. We love their bamboo and linen range of clothes and eclectic hand picked accessories. This 100% linen dress is our favourite pick from the dresses available at Zhai. Bright and comfortable in raspberry, this outfit is appropriate for a woman of substance and of any age. Its versatility makes it an easy gift. It is available in all sizes, so if you accidentally pick up a wrong size, you can change it at the store within a week (with the tags on please!).

What we love the most? Cool and comfortable in linen- what all girls want in Singapore. 

linen dress, Santorini, zhai
100% linen raspberry color from Santorini, Zhai

7. Artisans garden: Soy wax melts and candles 
Starting Price S$17 for about 40 hours of scenting. Buy here.

For the lady who loves to experiment with aromas, try Artisan’s Garden creates handmade soy-based candles. Artisan’s Garden candles are all made in Singapore and have 25 fragrances to choose from. Unlike petroleum-based paraffin wax, soy is plant-based, non-toxic and naturally biodegradable – so she will love to make that switch if she hasn’t already!

What we love the most? Soy candles in gorgeous colors and range of fragrances- what more can we say?

wax soy melts by Artisan's Garden
A wide range of scents to choose from!

8. Neis haus: Eco gift hampers

Eco-Intro at SG$67 and Eco-Kitchen at $58. Buy here
This is the perfect gift for the house-proud lady who really cares for the environment. Neis haus is a Singapore based family run business which brings select eco friendly products for homes here- curated with love by them to enable families to have a more pro-environment lifestyle. The latest addition to their repertoire are gift hampers which contain a mix of some of the bestsellers from Neis Haus. You can choose from two options:
1)Eco-Intro – Reusable Cotton Snack Bag, Loofah-Art Kitchen Scrubber, Apiwraps Sandwich Wrap [Reusable beeswax food wrap] Bowlovers, Bowlovers, Environmental Toothbrush – are few of the items inside a bamboo basket and wrapped with a  fabric furoshiki wrap. Click here for details.
2)Eco-Kitchen: Loofah-Art Kitchen Scrubber, Apiwraps Sandwich Wrap [Reusable beeswax food wrap] Bowlovers, Bowlovers – are few of the items inside a bamboo basket and wrapped with a  fabric furoshiki wrap. Click here for details.

What we love the most? Home and kitchen wares which are eco-friendly are always delicious!

neis haus eco brand, eco friendly home stuff singapore
Gift hampers with eco-friendly home items

9. EDEN+ ELIE: Handwoven aquamarine and white beads earrings, 14 mm in diameter
Priced at US$ 79. Buy here

We chanced upon this year old Singapore based brand and just fell in love with their desire for promoting conscious consumption and handmade culture. In the words of the founder Stephanie Choo “We avoid gemstones and precious metals because of the scarcity of these materials and the geo-political conflicts that come from sourcing these materials.  Instead, we prefer modern materials eg. glass beads, which though modest, are materially economical and with the right design, can be made into beautiful objects of art.”

What we love the most? Vibrant colors, 100% designed and put together in Singapore. 

Designed and handwoven earrings by Eden+Elie

10. Touch the toes: Lily Lotus – Chakra Studio Tank, Yogitoes – Mat Towel
Price of Chakra Tank SG$109, Vitality Mat Towel SG$ 98. Buy online or in-store at 4A Haji Lane, 2/F

Perfect for the yogi in her, both the Chakra Top and the mat towel are eco-friendly. The tank top is made of organic cotton under ethical work conditions for the workers in the U.S.A with the chakra design being printed by hand with smooth brushed metal studs for a unique and elevated look. Each vitality mat towel is made of 8 recycled plastic bottles- way better way of using them rather than clogging our ocean floors! Doesn’t the circular production model used in making this mat does deserve a bow?

What we love the most? Doing yoga just got funkier.

Touch the toes, gifts ideas, yoga top, mat, towel
Cool yoga wear and accessories



  • Last month there was an initiative @office to go zero plastic. As you know the “voice in my head” needs daily dose of black tea & occasional coffee to maintain clarity round the year ?

    Signing up meant a month long commitment to reduce use of disposables with weekly progress tracking.
    I had bought a bamboo fibre cup after reading this article. A gift to self turned out to be “the most” important reason behind a decent score 1 out of 21 (thats the number of working days) in Oct! Thanks ‘Guruji’ it feels good & I AM going for a zero score next month!

    • Nice to know Anjana. That’s brilliant. Here’s wishing you a plastic free day, daily, for the month of Nov and forever!

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