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It’s that scary time of the year again – when you enter into shops flooded with Jack O’ Lanterns and zombie masks, tacky spiderwebs and neon fangs, fake wigs and plastic pumpkins. And the scary things are not the monster disguises – but the amounts we shell up year after year to celebrate in the (much loved) rituals of the festivals! So this season, we spoke to the inspirational craftster Juhi Khanna, to show us how we could reuse old decor to create Halloween spirit. And just as we expected, she renewed her own space to give us a tutorial. In her own words…

It’s almost November, time to take out your fall decor from the dusty corners of the closet! I know nobody wants to repeat last year’s decorations but what if I told you that we could make it look entirely new and different in an attractive makeover? Yes, we can give used decor a new lease of life… and I promise it’s going to be extremely easy. Just bring out everything you have and let’s have some fun!

You can use:

  • Old wine bottles
  • Artificial pumpkins, the more, the merrier
  • Candle stands
  • Any other decor pieces like bird cages

You will also need:

  • Spray paint (I used black chalkboard paint and metallic gold paint)

spruce up old halloween decor

Now let me show you how I up-cycled last year’s fall decor. It’s very easy; I started by spray painting a couple of wine bottles with black chalkboard paint. I then moved onto the bird cages and candle stands, which I sprayed painted with gold paint.

Gilding an old iron cage
Gilding an old metal cage

I was having so much fun that I got a little carried away and also painted a few other knick-knacks in black and gold.

The best part was doing the makeover of this big artificial pumpkin from last year.

  • I spray painted it in gold and let it dry.
  • Then I took some inexpensive color coding labels and colored them black with ink.
  • Once the paint on the pumpkin had dried, I stuck the inked black circle stickers randomly over the pumpkin to create my gorgeous gold fall pumpkin.

Plastic pumpkin makeover

To create a set, I took a couple of smaller pumpkins and spray painted them in gold. Once the gold had dried, I painted 3/4th of one of the pumpkins black. Do you think there’s too much black and gold? I do like how it’s turned out; my favorite is the large pumpkin. Here’s a closer look at the pumpkins:plastic pumpkin makeover with gilding

Here’s how my fireplace looks right now, the canvas is from an older upcycling DIY project. chic halloween decor upcycled

I hope this post ignites inspiration in some of you. Do comment below if you followed my steps, or experimented in a different way. I would love to compare notes!

Juhi is a semiconductor engineer turned entrepreneur. Apart from running her paper crafts business, she designs cards for a few stamp companies, does freelance craft blogging and is a UX designer. She has a 5-years-old daughter who loves paper crafts as much as her; needless to say they have a lot of fun crafting together. Follow her on Instagram for inspiration!









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