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Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys - Looking for the perfect green gift for the lady in your life? From unique lifestyle products to luxe experiences, our selection of unique gifts are sure to put a smile on her face. Click through to find out moreOur last article on Gifts For Him generated a fair number of thank-yous from women; but even louder were the questions from men wondering when we’ll serve their need! This was a surprise really, as we at Team Secondsguru firmly believe that it is easy to please a woman – you just need imagination and discernment and aesthetic sense and an ability to read the hints between her lines… ah ok, we get it.

So without further ado, here’s our eco-friendly gift guide to help mankind please womankind!

Cork iPad case SG$124 Buy here

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Beautiful iPad case/clutch from Corkor
Cork iPad case from Corkor

If she is on the lookout for the “right” bag to fit in her tablet without looking like she is carrying her office on her arms, this is the ideal gift for her: Get this uber cool iPad cover from Corkor – it is made of cork fabric, a material which is not only eco-friendly but is also easy to clean! The best part, it will double up as a clutch for a girls night out after a busy day at work

Organic cosmetics SG$11 onwards Buy here or from Lush stores in Singapore

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Fresh Handmade Cosmetics by Lush
Fresh Handmade Cosmetics by Lush

Want her to feel fresh and gorgeous all day long? The entire range of Lush cosmetics is handcrafted from the freshest organic materials, fresh herb and flower infusions, with minimal usage of “synthetic stuff”. In case she is keen to know what goes into the Lush product you bought her, just refer her to Lushopedia and she can have fun exploring further.

Jewellery from artillery US$90 Buy here

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Pursuing Peace Gold Bangle by Saught
Pursuing Peace Gold Bangle by Saught

This stunning bangle plated in 18k gold is handcrafted in Cambodia by redeeming unexploded artillery shells and upcycling scrap metal from mines. Through its jewellery, Saught seeks to transform the violence in war to the beauty of art in a once war-torn country. You can take our pick, or browse through other collections here.

Eco-friendly wristwatch US$150 Buy here

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Smart Timepiece by Analog Watch Co
Timepiece by Analog Watch Co

Classy and elegant, the green goddess in her will love this watch from Analog Watch Co. This timepiece from the carpenter collection is 80% biodegradeable and made of off-cut wood, an enviable bamboo body and teak strap!

Green footwear US$50 Buy here

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Green footwear by Indosole
Black Palm Sandals by Indosole

Does your girl have a shoe fetish, like most women in the world? Sneak a peek at the bottom of her favourite pair of flip flops to check her shoe size. Next order these fashionable sandals from indosole for her : Make sure you order half a size smaller (as per the recommendation from Indosol). The sandals are made from upcycled canvas, vegan suede and are as green as a pair of footwear can possibly be.

Upcycled jewellery S$59 Buy here

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Statement neckpiece by Atgab
Statement neckpiece by Atgab

She will love this cute neckpiece with neon detailing from, an online store for accessories which are made 50-80% from leather or PVC handbags or other upcycled materials. While you are at it, if you or your girl have old PVC or leather handbags please donate them to Elaine the founder of ATGAB and let her spin her magic on it!

Eco-vacations at Telunas Resorts or Nikoi Islands S$115++ onwards

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Pristine beach at Nikoi Island
Nikoi Island

The Riau archipelago of Indonesia is home to two stunning eco-friendly resorts that offer luxury without its trappings. Though practically next door to Singapore in distance, the islands live far away in time: no air-conditioning, no television, limited or no-wifi… and, in their pristine talcum sands and sprawling villas lies the luxury of solitude that is increasingly hard to come by. Rekindle romance here, and may we further suggest, make it a surprise vacation: with visa on arrival for most nationalities, you can pull it through with ease!

Handbags S$95 Buy here

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Upcycled wheel bag by Smateria
Wheel Handbag by Smateria

Smateria started with the idea that something beautiful could and should be created from “useless material”. Now, the Cambodia-based manufacturer uses locally sourced materials – used plastic bags, fishing nets and  motorbike seat leather! – to create accessories that make a statement in style and sustainability for its Remix Collection.

Organic perfume S$170 Buy here 

Gifts for Her |10 Eco-Friendly Buys- Organic Perfume: Honore des Pres Vamp A NY
Organic Perfume: Honore des Pres Vamp A NY

For women who want coffee from New York, perfume from France, products sourced naturally and a partner who can read their minds – this is the gift! This heady fragrance developed by Olivia Giacobetti belongs to the I LOVE NY collection from Honore des Pres. Packaged in a quirky award-winning coffee cup design, it will stand apart on her dressing table!

Sunglasses by Stella McCartnery US$239 Buy here

As Queen Bee of ethical fashion as well as an A-list designer, Stella McCartney is impossible to avoid in our list. Her sultry tortoiseshell sunglasses are a part of her Eco Collection and derived, in part, from natural resources. The result – eyewear that is equal parts of green and glamour!

Do drop us a comment if you go with our suggestions. We would love to know how she reacted and how many brownie points you owe to our advice!





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