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Gifts for Him|10 Eco-Friendly Buys and DIYs If you're looking for that perfect gift for your man check out Secondsguru’s list of 10 Awesome green gift ideas. Whatever his hobbies, passions and interests might be, we have you covered.Men are a difficult species, especially so when we have to find a perfect gift for them. And the lack of imagination at standard shops doesn’t make it any easier!

So, is there really anything you can get for your guy other than a parade of ties, cuff-links and shirts that High Street offers? After wasting several working hours complaining about it, the ladies at Secondsguru have researched and compiled a list of unique gifts ideas for your boyfriend/husband/yet-to-be-named partner. Whether your man is a fanboy or a barista, a lover of luxe watches or into sleek cycles, with a weakness for whisky or a thirst for beers – we have you and all your anniversaries/birthdays/Christmases covered! Find the perfect gift for your guy on our list. And be prepared to hear Oohs and Aahs and, erm, to get ignored as the boy gets lost in his latest toy!

Oh, and in case you did not guess already, coming from the Secondsguru team, all these items have an eco-friendly angle too!


Drink Chillers S$49 Buy here

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: Granite Drink Chillers
Granite Drink Chillers

Are you guilty of handing out bottles of wine and whiskey to birthday boys party after party after party after… Who am I kidding, we’re alI guilty of that! Take a break with these hand-crafted, granite drink chillers by Arra David and Anne Johnson, sold via Uncommon Goods. Perfect for men who belong to the Tippling Club!

Smartphone Cover US$31 Buy here

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: Wooden iPhone case by CraftedCover
Smartphone cover by CraftedCover

Once upon a time, only nerds had smartphones. Now, iPhones and Samsung Galaxies have achieved the status of a necessary prosthetic! Really, how’s a dude to stand out in the sea of cloned gadgets?! Enter you, and your perfect gift: Smartphone cases and covers by CraftedCover are handmade in Lithuania, using real wood sourced from local forests. Featuring engravings with a fine finish, they walk a classic-yet-modern look that will help your buddy stand out from the crowd!

Bottle Opener S$122 Buy here

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener
TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Golfing isn’t cheap, neither is this bottle opener. But Golf lovers will definitely love (and consider worthy!) this unique item that combines function with memorabilia – PGA TOUR-licensed golf balls plucked from the famed 17th Island Green water at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Cufflinks £43 Buy here

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: Vintage watch movement cufflinks
Vintage Round Watch Movement Cufflinks by EVY Designs

Do you know any man who notices your new hair-dos, any additions in your wardrobe, the silent treatment you’re administering? For starters, do introduce us! And for gifting, look no further than Evy Designs. Our pick from the collection are original vintage watch movement cufflinks with detailed features including ruby jewels. The devilish beauty is in the details, which clearly, your man has the ability notice! Also perfect for watch aficionados.

Hip Flask US$ 13 Buy here

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: Hip Flask by Kwerki
Hip Flask by Kwerki

If Sheldon Cooper drank anything stronger than milk, no doubt it would be housed in something very like this. Hip flasks from Kwerki feature Marvel / DC comic superheroes that will be a hit with nerds and boys-at-heart alike!

Laptop Case £30 Buy here

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: Upcycled Tarpaulin MacBook Case
MacBook Case by Sourced

They had us at upcycled truck tarpaulin! UK-based Sourced saves lorry curtains from the landfill and turns around the thick, waterproof material into unique bags. If the novelty of raw material isn’t enticing enough, consider the rugged look that sets these MacBook and iPad covers apart from the usually sleek options. Perfect for the rough and buff blokes who don’t know where to hide their shiny screens!

Assembled Bicycle US$1399 Buy here
Build Your Own Kit US$179 Buy here

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: Bamboo Bee Bicycle
bamboobee Bicycle

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Bamboobee is now in Singapore, peddling some seriously luxurious rides. With frames made of, yep, bamboo, these individually handcrafted bikes promise comfort – and ogling, adoring gazes as the rider breezes by on ECP. Okay, so we made the second promise up! Still, we warn you, gift this to your significant other only if you are watching his back when he goes down that road!


If you want to make something yourself for his special day, we have rounded up some DIY ideas too. Just a caveat – none of these have been tried and tested by us – but they just sounded way too cool to exclude!


Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: DIY comic book coasters
DIY comic book coasters

Blogger Amy makes a batch of comic book coasters in this DIY that’s fun, easy – and best of all – flexible. Instead of comic books, you could use album covers off old favorite DVDs (or cassette tapes, if he goes that far back!). For a landmark birthday, you could experiment with old photographs. You could even use maps pointing locations important to the two of you, say the first date, the wedding city, the honeymoon spot… This gift will truly get you in the mood to clink Cheers!
For DIY instructions Read here


Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: DIY Coffee Bean Soap
DIY Coffee Bean Soap

Nothing says romance like a bath for two. And nothings says bath-for-two as well as this gift! Make a coffee bean soap with directions from blogger Ruth Soukup in this yummy looking and easy-sounding recipe. We suspect it will cause sleepless nights, one way or another!
For DIY instructions Read here


Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him: DIY Love Cards
DIY Love Cards

It’s romantic, it’s sincere, and it’s perfect for couples that ran out of ideas after gifting matching t-shirts, his-and-her jigsaw pendants and that just-married sign that still hangs outside the door. If you are that couple that loves holding hands in moonlit nights and speak volumes just gazing at each other, this gift will literally speak to you!
For DIY instructions Read here

Anuja, with inputs from Arti
Arti is the in-house marketing wiz at Secondsguru. She has a passion for all things vintage and a flair for cooking!




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