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Eco Style Sustainable alternatives to fast fashion

buying sustainable fashion in singapore

Our article today is a contribution by GenZ Eliza Dawn Victorio, penned as part of her AIESEC internship with Secondsguru. Majoring in Geography and minoring in Geoscience at National University of Singapore (NUS), Eliza is extremely passionate about the environment and sustainability. She also champions sustainable fashion and alternatives to single-use plastics. In her free time, Eliza enjoys looking at various recipes to cook as well as to bake and sing! Here’s her take on …[Read more]

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Eco Brands LataSita makes zero waste clothing a fashion statement

Meghna Nayak

With growing awareness about the ‘beautiful face but ugly heart’ of the fashion industry, seemingly all players – from big brands to small design houses – are making the effort to move towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion world. And then there are brands like LataSita that promote zero waste and ethical fashion from the word go. Founded in 2012, this studio has always been a fierce supporter of some of the most important …[Read more]


A wild deal 8 surprising ways animals are helping us

World wildlife day 2021

Quantifying the devastating impact of human activity on the planet, WWF’s Living Planet Index reveals that the “population abundance of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish has decreased by more than half in less than 50 years.” Simply put- Earth’s natural biodiversity and wildlife have borne the cost of human dominance and capitalism. If we imagine this planet as a huge organisation and the relationship between humans and animals a partnership, then our non-human partners …[Read more]

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Eco Kitchen A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

Black Gold-compost

Today’s article comes from the pen of Sulata Maheshwari, whose apartment in Singapore hosts composting pots in the balcony, a range of edibles across all window sills and absolutely NO raw fruit/veg waste in the kitchen! “I spent a third of my childhood in my family’s village farmhouse watching the cyclical process of growing food,” says Sulata. “The connection to the earth was rekindled when I grew a Holy Basil sapling in Hong Kong with …[Read more]