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Sustainable Fashion Outsized tee to latest runway trend

Sustainable Fashion | Outsized tee to latest runway trend

Today’s article has been penned by Tiara Safiah and Isha Lian, the newest members of the Swap Squad at Swapaholic. Swapaholic is the Singapore based clothes and accessory swap platform that seeks to “make fashion circular” and create a real “sustainable fashion” experience. Tiara has a background in fashion design and Isha in retail merchandising. Both of them share a love for styling fashion and are constantly finding creative ways to shop their respective closets.  …[Read more]


Insight 5 key facts about plastic that are sure to inspire lifestyle edits

environmental impact of plastic waste

Plastic is cheap. Plastic is convenient. Plastic is everywhere. It is in the cosmetics that we use, the clothes we wear and even in the food we eat and the water we drink. Plastic has many properties which make it ideal for many applications. It is increasingly difficult to buy things without consuming plastic in some form or the other. Its ubiquitous presence in our world has caused plastic to suffocate our oceans, choke our …[Read more]


Zero Waste Bootcamp How 5 youth-led initiatives created meaningful impact in Singapore

zero waste bootcamp

Posters depicting the impact of  5 latest Bootcamp projects is on display in a “traveling exhibition” across public spaces in Singapore to spur youth and members of the community to come together to take collective action. It is making its rounds in the National Library branches till September, 2021. Pictures here. Follow us on FB and Instagram to follow the journey of the exhibition. When we launched our flagship outreach program, the Zero Waste Bootcamps …[Read more]

Zero Waste Cleaning Everyday items we use that cut the toxicity, the grime and the cost!

Zero waste cleaning

As you walk down the aisle of a supermarket (or scroll through an online grocery app), there is no dearth of fancy looking items with promises to make your home sparkly clean and keep it smelling heavenly all the time. Lured by the prospect of a solution guaranteed to save you hours of back-breaking cleaning, perhaps you give little thought to their level of toxicity and contribution towards plastic waste. Or maybe you make the …[Read more]