Published 18 October 2014 ● Last Updated on 6 December 2016

recycle toilet rolls to candy holders
So 31st October is around the corner, and after constant reminders from my kids to brace up for the occasion, I am just about warming up to welcome Halloween.

The Halloween bug however bit the city of Singapore WEEKS back! The supermarkets have had rows and rows dedicated to candies for treats, scary masks and ghoulish costumes since mid September. The RJ’s on radio channels have been discussing what to wear for the various Halloween parties they are going to for the same length of time. Even the ads on the radio have been based on this theme, one particular one talking of ‘trip or treating’ along the lines of the Halloween ‘trick or treating’ tradition caught my attention recently.

As for events, honestly there are way too many options, something for everyone who wants to celebrate. For those who like horror in the face and appreciate the likes of Freddie in Nightmare on Elm Street, or Damien Thorn in Omen , there is lots to choose from: The choices range from Halloween Horror Nights in Universal studio , to Sentosa Spooktacular in Siloso Fort, Doors to ‘Hell’oween, Zumballoween, the list is quite long.

For the ones who are thinking “hmmm yeah great, but I am not 16 anymore!”, there are quite a few alternative options. You can choose between solving a murder mystery over dinner at the Nosh theatre of the Damned, a carnival styled festival Freq’ender, and another dinner with an opportunity to dress up and solve murder mysteries at Andsoforth’s Marriage of the spirits.

I am thinking of going for the one-night-only murder mystery party at the Nosh Theatre of the Damned this year! This is purely because I will pass out of fear at the overtly scary events & not because I was sixteen way too many years back!!

Have you planned out what you are doing this year on the 31st of October yet? Go out and get started if you have not yet! And drop us a comment if you have other recommendations for us!

Oh yes before I forget, in order to appease my over enthusiastic-about-Halloween kids, I mashed up few ideas from around the world-wide-web & aligned them with the general Halloween theme. With lots of help from the kids, I put together candy treat holders made by recycling toilet paper rolls. Perfect idea for the 31st October evening (before I head out for dinner) when the little people will be prowling around the condo trick or treating.

You Need: Few toilet paper rolls, washable orange paint, brush, black marker pen, candy

How you do it:

  • Color the toilet roll orange and let it dry. Apply second coat upon drying to get a rich pumpkin orange color.
  • Once dry, use a black marker to draw a pumpkin face & eyes
  • Next, fold one end and fill up with treats
  • Fold the other end


Try it out, it’s a perfect way to engage hyper kids on their Mid term break and lots of fun too!

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