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Hello everyone, it’s Juhi, and I am back with another upcycling [See the previous DIY Christmas tree project] project using egg cartons. I really like succulents; they make for great home décor and what’s more, they are great back drops for photographing my cards (I am primarily a card maker, in case you weren’t aware). Planting real succulents is not really an option for me as I not very good at gardening and we keep moving a lot. An egg carton succulent is just perfect for me!

Egg carton craft | Do something different this Easter! Use egg cartons to create a succulent for your coffee table

The photo is pretty quite self-explanatory (I think!); but here’s a detailed how-to:

1. Tear off the middle tall part of the egg cartons.

2. Separate out individual sections.

3. Tear and flatten the pieces so that they resemble flower petals.

Egg carton craft | tearing and coloring to make succulent leaves4. We need at least 5 layers of succulent leaves in decreasing size; each layer will have apprx 8 petals. Cut the egg carton pieces to the desired size.

5. Paint them green with acrylic paint.

6. Once dry start creating your succulent by sticking the petals together with hot glue. I, initially layered the petals one of top of the other, but later changed them so that the petals in each progressive layer fall between the petals of the previous layer.

7. For the final layer, take 3 petals and hot glue their tips together.

Egg carton craft | coloring to create leaves8. To finish my succulent I added purple details at the edge of each petal with a sharpie.

9. Now my succulent is ready to be planted. I used a cracked pot that I had lying around at home as my planter. I filled it up with real soil to make it look realistic. Dug a little hole and placed my succulent in it.

My 5 year old kept giving me inputs while I was making this, though, initially I was not happy with how my succulent was coming up, she kept encouraging me and also gave the final approval! Now, she wants to make a lotus using egg cartons.

I hope you liked my succulent and are inspired to create a fun, upcycled project of you own! Before I sign off, here’s a photo of the succulent used as a prop for photographing my stamped cards.

Egg carton craft | Do something different this Easter! Use egg cartons to create a succulent for your coffee table.
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Juhi is a semiconductor engineer turned entrepreneur. Apart from running her paper crafts business, she designs cards for a few stamp companies, does freelance craft blogging and is an aspiring graphic designer. She has a 5-years-old daughter who loves paper crafts as much as her; needless to say they have a lot of fun crafting together. Follow her on Instagram for inspiration!





  • This is so beautiful….Using it as photo prop is nice idea…

  • So proud of you my baby girl,use to call herself aunty main sap ki copy cat hun, loads of love and blessings.

    • 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement aunty, you always say the sweetest words! This particular craft was done by a very talented card-maker – I don’t think I can execute it with such finesse!

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