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A yoga teacher with a million dollar smile and planet Earth on her mind 🙂

Meet Kristin Khor, a yoga teacher. We sat with her for a conversation on her passions besides YOGA. These are- cooking, Game Of Thrones, her boyfriend and their dogs! Read along [or scroll down for the video] and along the way you will discover how she weaves an eco-friendly lifestyle into her day. The full-time instructor at Pure Yoga, Singapore gets to work on her Tokyobike, her preferred way of traveling about town. Her favorite restaurant is her kitchen where management of food wastage and cooking awesome meals are the key objectives. To continue with her personal aspiration to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, she continues to set herself goals to reduce her carbon footprint!

1. Apart from teaching yoga, what else do you enjoy doing?  Apart from yoga, I enjoy cooking. My boyfriend and I cook every Sunday. We meal plan for the week so as to minimise wastage. He’s the type of person who can go to the supermarket and choose some random veggies and make an awesome meal. I, on the other hand, need a recipe. My boyfriend hates wasting food so he will get as much food as we need in a week, otherwise, he gives me a lot of shit. He makes me eat everything (leftovers) on a Friday night!

We used to grow some vegetables at one time- tomatoes, melons, parsley, basil, chilli, calamansi.  But maybe because we don’t have a balcony and definitely not a green thumb, it has never worked out. So, every week, we select and get fresh produce from the supermarket/ wet market as we like to know what’s in our food. 

2. Top 3 items on your bucket list: 1. Travel more 2. Learn to speak Portuguese and Chinese 3. Get another dog

kristin khor yoga teacher pure yoga yoga myth yoga facts secondsguru3. Your take on some common stereotypes about Yoga: Yoga myths vs Yoga facts

Myth- Yoga is only for flexible people…
Kristin says- Yoga is definitely not only for flexible people. A lot of people who started yoga are probably not very flexible but you have to work for it.

b. Yoga teachers always eat healthy …
Kristin says- We try the best that we can! We might slip up once in a while, but ones who can do it a hundred percent, I bow down to them! 

c. Yoga teachers are always calm…
Kristin says- I don’t think so – that is why we do yoga!

d. Yoga practice should be started very young, the older you are, the harder it is…
Kristin says- Yoga practices can be started at any point of your life. So if you don’t start it when you’re young, that’s okay, you have the rest of your life to do it.

e. Most yoga teachers are vegan/vegetarian…
Kristin says- I can’t speak for all of them – but most of the teachers I know try to have a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle because it follows the idea of ahimsa. I don’t think for us to feel happy we have to make others suffer. 

kristin khor yoga teacher pure yoga yoga head stand secondsguru4. Most challenging part of your day?  The most challenging part of my day is to spend time with my dogs. I never feel like I have enough time spent with my dogs. I have two dogs. One is a rescue dog- her name is Kaya Toast and a friend’s dog who is staying with me until December. His name is Chip and he is a little grey schnauzer.

5. How do you unwind? Reading a book, drinking wine and laughing with friends. I always read two books at a time- one fiction and one non-fiction. Currently, I am reading ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer and the first ‘Game of Thrones’ by George R. R. Martin

6. One daily activity you pledge to do from today to reduce your carbon footprint?  The one thing that I’d do to reduce my carbon footprint is to use a reusable cup for coffee. I get coffee every day, so I go through a lot of cups.  So yes, that’s something I should be doing right teacher kristin khor oure yoga secondsguru

See and hear Kristin as we speak with her below;




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