Drab to Fab Office chair makeover

Drab to Fab| Office Chair Makeover- Fall in love with your old furniture again! All you need to revive a pre-loved piece is a bit of creativity. Click through for some creative inspiration

At our home, we often contend with problem of the Goldilocks items – stuff not pretty enough to keep, nor broken enough to throw. This office chair for instance: we bought it cheap for a laptop corner in a rented house. It served rather too well, lasting way, way beyond the laptop or our house rental did! Luckily, our upcycling project saved us from wasting this sturdy seat. All we did was add a coat …[Read more]

Gifts for Him10 Eco-Friendly Buys and DIYs

Gifts for Him|10 Eco-Friendly Buys and DIYs If you're looking for that perfect gift for your man check out Secondsguru’s list of 10 Awesome green gift ideas. Whatever his hobbies, passions and interests might be, we have you covered.

Men are a difficult species, especially so when we have to find a perfect gift for them. And the lack of imagination at standard shops doesn’t make it any easier! So, is there really anything you can get for your guy other than a parade of ties, cuff-links and shirts that High Street offers? After wasting several working hours complaining about it, the ladies at Secondsguru have researched and compiled a list of unique gifts …[Read more]

Scene Around Town Wake up your garden with coffee!

Scene Around Town | Wake Up Your Garden With Coffee! Share your love of coffee with your garden and you will be amazed with the results! At Secondsguru, we are loving this green initiative by drCAFE. Click through to find out more.

Do you wake up to the whiff of coffee in the mornings? Now let your plants share in the caffeine boost! Coffee compost is an organic soil conditioner helping your plants flower more by providing extra nitrogen, enhanced water retention, and other growth support. If you make your own coffee at home, sprinkle the dried, spent powder into the soil. OR, the next time you drop by at dr.CAFE, simply pick up their used coffee …[Read more]