Earth Day Nature Quiz

Earth Day |Nature Quiz Did you know that there are 17 reservoirs, 4 nature reserves and over 300 parks across the island that preserve Singapore's natural beauty? Take our Nature Quiz to test your awareness of Singapore and its natural surroundings and let’s see if you are a nature whiz kid, a green warrior or a budding seed. Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day folks! Did you know that there are 17 reservoirs, 4 nature reserves and over 300 parks across Singapore that preserve the island’s natural beauty? There are more than 1.3 million trees here, making nearly 50% of the island green and earning Singapore the name of ‘City in a Garden’, a vision put forward by the late Mr.Lee Kuan Yew. So, why not take a walk along one of Singapore’s nature reserves this …[Read more]

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Plant Power Children’s Interactive Session @ National Museum of Singapore

Plant Power| Children’s Interactive Session @ National Museum of Singapore Join in for an afternoon of fun and adventure with your young ones at this interactive session held at the National Museum of Singapore. Suitable for kids from 4-12 years old, this session is designed to inspire children to learn and understand the importance of plants in our daily lives and they will also get to create their very own “tree”!

  Embark on an exciting adventure to discover the world of plants with your kids this summer! This engaging and interactive session is free of charge and is designed to instill a love for nature in children. Kid’s can learn about the ingredients, flavours and colours that go into our food and will also get to create their very own “tree”! Different stations will be set-up to explain the wonderful benefits of plants, as well as the natural …[Read more]

Junk to Funk Here’s how some people are rocking recycling

Vinyl records to earrings, nuts and bolts to framed art - artists around the world are innovatively transforming discards to art! Here is our pick of 5 inspiring artists that upcycle junk into masterpieces

Although most of us aren’t happy to admit it, we all have our secret junk-drawers. You know, that one drawer in your desk that is completely unorganised and the sole purpose of which seems to be accumulating more and more trash that you won’t get rid of. Once a year when we find ourselves in spring-cleaning spirits, we tackle the dreaded sanctuary and start sorting out the accumulated orphans – pens that no longer work, lids …[Read more]

Recycling e-waste Where to drop your electronic junk in Singapore (or flaunt it!)

Computer chips repurposed by UrbanRaven! Singapore's e-waste adds up to more than 160 Boeing 747 jets every year. Your old phones and gadgets do not belong in your regular garbage bin! You can transform, reuse and repurpose - or at the very least, recycle e-waste responsibly. Read more here.

And the answer is (drumroooollllll!) – computer chips! Every now and then, someone recycles electronic waste into a creative work of art  – a bench, a chair, or as Urban Raven in the poster above, even jewelry! At Secondsguru, we love to see the transformation of e-waste, this recycling of potential toxins into objects of desire. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or creativity to re-purpose our e-waste. In fact, according to the National …[Read more]