My Tree House Where kids can find a love for books – and planet Earth!

My Treehouse at the National Library is the perfect place for kids - and toddlers - to fall in love with books

For days too rainy, days too sunny, or just days when you want to have indoor fun with the kids – head down to My Tree House at the Central Public Library! With a tree house structure as a centerpiece, this unconventional library is a wonderful space to initiate your children into the world of books – and environmental awareness. The canopy features over 3,000 recycled plastic bottles. Cardboard boxes upcycled into animal shapes populate the …[Read more]

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Sepia memories Why you need to print your photos now!

Printing photos to preserve memories; here's why and how

It’s hard to imagine that your parents were once young people themselves, free of the care and responsibilities that befall one as one “settles” into marriage, children, chasing careers and paying off mortgages and going through the vicissitudes of a normal life. That they actually had a sense of fashion through the 70s and 80s before ‘dad jeans’ and walking around the house in housewife clothes became the norm. I went home recently, and spent half a …[Read more]


Events Holi celebrations at Esplanade

Esplanade - Colours of Spring

Happy Holi to all our readers! Of all Indian festivals, Holi screams rejuvenation the loudest. You literally wash the old off yourself in a play of colours and water! To experience the playful riot, we suggest you head to Esplanade this weekend. Our top pick? Play Holi on the lawns on Saturday [Mar 7, 4 – 7 pm]. Or check out various other free events spread across Mar 6 – 8.


Over-recycled The most clichéd movie themes ever!

What Secondsguru thinks of recycled movie themes!

Have you ever rented a movie on a Friday night only to get half way through it and think, Wait a second – haven’t I seen this before? You probably haven’t seen that movie but at least twenty other movies like it. Hollywood never tires of revisiting clichéd movie themes in the hope of bringing a new spin to them [and in the hope of cloning the original success!] but it just never quite happens. …[Read more]