Published 30 September 2014 ● Last Updated on 6 December 2016

There I was, standing all dressed up, hoping he would spot me in the audience and call me up on stage. We would then croon ‘Something Stupid’ looking into each other’s eyes… when out of the blue, the clouds decided to pour down on the open air Padang stage at the Formula 1 in Singapore. I shook myself out of the semi trance state and ran to take cover for my iphone but the star of the event, Mr. Robert Peter Williams (a.k.a Robbie Williams) stood firm, undeterred by the rain.

The showman in him yelled “Do we give a sh**t about the rain?” “NOOOOOO!” screamed the onlookers, urging the singer to continue. He went on to perform some of his masterpieces: Millennium, Angels, Feel, Let Me Entertain You and also classic hits of other artists such as New York New York, Hit the Road Jack, Rolling on the River, driving the audience into a frenzy… fully drenched at that.

recycle, reinvent your imagePhoto credits: Rikahi and Godidwir via

So why is Robbie Williams featured on the blog (besides the fact that I epitomize a ‘Robbie-struck fan’!)? Well, because he has always stood out as someone who has reinvented, or so to speak, ‘recycled’ himself to keep up with the times and his fans. He was a member of Take That in the early 1990s, then on his own 1996-7 onwards, and finally reunited with Take That in 2010. He moved from selling millions of albums worldwide to holding a record in the Guinness book for the maximum number of tour tickets (1.6 mil tickets sold in 1 day for his 2006 World Tour) to dealing with series of health issues and being in rehabilitation. In short, all through the years Robbie has seen crests and troughs in life like few would have, always managing to bounce back from the bottom with a bang in a brand new ‘avatar’.

And I see no reason why any one of us should hold back from reinventing ourselves whether it’s to feel better on the inside or just look good on the exterior. So here’s to each one of us identifying an aspect of our self that we will reinvent for the better! Pour in your comments and let me know how you feel about ‘self reinvention’!


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