Published 18 June 2015 ● Last Updated on 25 November 2016

Scene around town | Gorgeous planters fashioned from old tyres at our neighborhood montessori!
Brightening outdoor spaces!

It’s never too early to teach recycling! Saw this awesome transformation for display at my neighborhood pre-school: Montessori for Children, Broadrick Road. Old tyres had been painted bright and filled with soil to create a mini-nursery for herbs and plants, right next to the playground. As I heard my own tiny tots speak with pride about the plants, I felt much better about the prospects for the world, even though car after car (including mine) drove into the campus to ferry the students back home.

Yes, I know, us adults preaching and repurposing old things cannot solve the world’s climate problems overnight. But if the the next generation was hard-coded to care for the planet? Perhaps they can!



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