Published 13 May 2015 ● Last Updated on 25 November 2016

Scene Around Town|Wake Up Your Garden With Coffee!Do you wake up to the whiff of coffee in the mornings? Now let your plants share in the caffeine boost!

Coffee compost is an organic soil conditioner helping your plants flower more by providing extra nitrogen, enhanced water retention, and other growth support. If you make your own coffee at home, sprinkle the dried, spent powder into the soil. OR, the next time you drop by at dr.CAFE, simply pick up their used coffee grounds that they give away for free! [Locations here.]

We at Secondsguru love this green initiative. Coffee grounds go full-circle back into the earth and stay out of a landfill. And we get gorgeous flowers as a bonus!

[Are your green fingers running out of pots for plants and nooks for a garden? Make space with our unusual and Quirky Shoe Garden!]


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