Published 31 October 2014 ● Last Updated on 6 April 2021

iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 6
Cheat Sheet: iPhone 6 for Christmas

As I opened up my iPhone to start making a Christmas shopping list (my lovely friends had announced the arrival of Christmas goodies at IKEA absolutely without subtlety) on their Facebook walls, I got a close look at the gadget. The scratches, the rather small size, almost bulky look at a thickness of 7.6mm were staring at me in me face. That’s when it dawned upon me that it was time… time, to trade in my well-used iPhone 5 and start working towards getting myself gifted with an iPhone 6 for Christmas. So that was the first entry on the Christmas list, my desired gift! Not quite something to be bought at Ikea, but an essential entrant to the list nonetheless!

“So what’s the difference?” my husband asked when I indicated the ideal Christmas gift for me from him. I have to admit I am a ‘technoramus’ and he knows that very well. Being armed with the advantage of a woman’s foresight, I had anticipated this question & was well-prepared!

I started by quoting Geoffery A. Folwer from his review in the Wall Street Journal: “The iPhone is no longer really a phone”. Then I took off…

1-    Have you noticed at 4 inches how small the iPhone 5 is, compared to the ‘just right’ 4.7 inches screen of the newly-launched, much better-looking iPhone 6?

2-    Don’t you think it is arduous to have to type out a passcode instead of just using your fingerprints to get your phone started? Yes you got it, the iPhone 6 allows this (as did the evolved version of iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S)!

3-    Moreover, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had Apple Pay on your phone to pay at stores while still listening to music rather than scramble around looking for the right credit card of the dozen or so that you have?

4-    The deal clincher is that the iPhone 6 has longer battery life so that will give us more time to surf when in a cab stuck in traffic and more music when one is slogging out on the treadmill.

Having finished my thoroughly planned pitch with cheat sheets et al, I paused for a breath and waited for a reaction, maybe even a standing ovation or just a “sure honey, I’ll immediately order one for you”. Before my husband could do any or all of the above, my 6-yr-old quipped “But mom, last year you gave up your iPhone 4 and bought an iPhone 5. Now you want to swap your iPhone 5 for an iPhone 6!!  I think, the iPhone will have a new number every year. Does it mean you will have a new iPhone every year too?!”

The young lad definitely got me thinking…I was still thinking…. when I went out to place the orders for my silver and my husband’s space grey iPhone 6 on the Apple Store!! While the order was working, I had opened up a new window on the browser to find deals to trade in our used iPhone 5’s while there was still a market for these in Singapore !


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