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If you are vegetarian, you have been through this drill: you and your friends plan to catch up over a meal; you reach the restaurant and love the vibe; your friends are spoiled for choice by an inventive menu; and then when it’s your turn to order – you have nothing to eat but tofu… and a pity plate of quinoa on the side!

Seriously, why can’t eateries provide a fair share of meatless options?

This dissatisfaction is the motivation behind our annual vegetarian restaurant round-up, now in its 3rd edition. Too many menus give vegetarians a token service only. So we have compiled this list of all-vegetarian kitchens where plant-based foods take center-stage. These eateries give veggies the respect, creativity and skilled cooking they deserve, and the proof is in the yummy plates they serve!

We personally visited each of these places, so our recommendations are not hand-me-downs from internet searches. And we have limited ourselves to non-Indian restaurants here because, ahem, Indian foods and eateries can populate a whole list by themselves and deserve a different blog post!

A disclaimer: Team Secondsguru is not all-vegetarian. But we do love our veggies and are reducing our meat consumption, because we recognize there are compelling reasons to do so. If you are wondering why you should walk down this path: consider the animal cruelty at food farms. Or that livestock farming is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Or because Beyonce and her hot bod said so!

But whatever your motivation – veggies are not something to be suffered with noses closed. They deserve to be celebrated, enjoyed, and well, gobbled down with sighs!

Do note: We have restricted our list to vegetarian restaurants – however, they are not all vegan (though they have a lot of vegan choices). Did we leave out your favourite restaurant on this list – leave a comment below to guide us and other readers too!

Real Food

181 Orchard Road, #2-16, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896. Tel: +65 6737 9516.
Opens daily 10am – 9pm.
(Above details are for the branch I visited, but more outlets at Square 2 and South Beach)
Official website here.

Just an escalator away from the buzz of Orchard Road, tucked in a quiet nook of Orchard Central’s second floor, is this cafe which will delight your sense of aesthetics as well as your taste! Real Food is one of the better known vegetarian/vegan eateries in Singapore, and has retained its loyal following over the years by a continued focus on quality ingredients as a key to great taste. Its outlet is large and airy with spaced out seating at both communal tables and cozy two-seaters. Their menu is extensive, they have everything from pizzas and pastas to delectable curry noodles. Not to forget the pages of refreshing teas! They also stock a wide variety of organic foods from local grocers, so you can also fill a bag (not to mention your stomach) when you leave.

My pick here are the soups. The Dumpling Soup, for instance, is handmade with no less than 10 ingredients. And the Tom Yum Soup with its fresh and crisp veggies is perfect for pairing with brown rice.

Vegetarian restaurants you must try out in Singapore! Featured here: Real Food
The extensive menu at Real Food includes Asian favourites such as tom yum soup and fried dumplings.

Recommended especially for: refuel on a day of frenetic shopping (or to hide when your family shops!)! Also great for quick lunches.

Loving Hut

229 Joo Chiat Road #01-01 Singapore 427489. Tel: +65 6348 6318.
Opens M,W,Th, F 1130am – 3pm & 6pm – 930pm; Sat/Sun 1130am – 930pm. Tues closed, except if public holiday (followed by Wed closed)
Official website here.

Nestled within heritage houses and a boutique-ized neighborhood, Loving Hut has a popular, charming outlet at Joo Chiat that has featured in our FoodGuide since we started compiling our recommendations. The vegan menu borrows from Peranakan, Asian and western heritages to offer a wide variety of dishes – from hot pot for shared plates to portobello burgers for comfort food! Even its drinks menu will leave you spoiled for choice with options of organic blends and soy milk.

When I visited with family in tow, I was delighted to find that the children shared my enthusiasm – kids polished off the pasta, no questions asked; and when I pecked at their dish I thought it was perfect – lots of veggies, generous sauce and the pasta cooked just right. The TomYam Ocean Hotpot Set was a hit as well – very generous helping, served with brown rice and brimming with herbal flavours and slight heat.

vegetarian food Loving hut
Our table’s order – pasta and hotpot – polished off with joy!

Recommended especially for: Weekday lunches with your friends. Enjoy great prices [under $15 for most items] and ambiance while you catch up over a yummy meal!

Joie by Dozo

181 Orchard Road, #12-01 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896. Tel: +65 6838 6966.
Opens daily M-F 12pm – 330pm & 6pm – 1030pm.
Official website here.

Pure vegetarian and fine dining do not often come together, and Joie particularly stands out in this list! The cool, dark, plush interiors of the restaurant are located next to the rooftop garden at Orchard Central, letting patrons look out and over the busy shopping district.

The restaurant concept is meatless cuisine of Japanese-European sensibilities. (So expect cheese and truffle, not mock meat.) The menu is set (6-course for lunch and 7-course for dinner), but there’s plenty of flexibility as you choose one of several dishes offered under each course.

The dishes are meticulously crafted: consider what I had as a side dish – Tempura Platter on Mash – which puts together charcoal coated yam, eggplant, apple, banana with Japanese orange sesame dressing!

I caught up with an old friend for lunch here, expecting to click photos of various courses – but our visual and culinary senses were so overwhelmed by the beautifully presented and uniquely crafted food courses that I got my act together only when finally dessert appeared! Our verdict: Given the location, ambiance and food – the prices are a bargain. But frankly, I’d recommend this place even if prices were higher!

Super 7| Vegetarian restaurants in Singapore you must try out! Featured here: Joie by Dozo at Orchard Central
Immaculate presentation is part of the fine dining experience at Joie by Dozo

Recommended especially for: 6-course set lunch ($38.80++) for official (or unofficial!) meetings. The quiet interiors and rooftop view are a perfect setting for privacy and conversation.


44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502. Tel: +65 6844 6868
Opens daily 1130am – 10pm.
Official website here.

Belinda Carlisle loves it. Paul McCartney loves it. And well, so does team Secondsguru!

My favourite is the Avocado Beetroot burger with a pan-grilled, GMO-free soya patty. To my surprise – it did not taste meaty – but then, everything doesn’t need to taste like meat! The patty was juicy on the inside, perfectly textured, and left me feeling light rather than bloated. The bun was fresh and had crunchy seeds on the crust. And the toppings – lettuce, beetroot, avocado – they looked every bit as crisp and fresh as on the poster! Best of all – I had a fantastic meal – and had no reason to feel guilty about hogging a burger 🙂

The menu is surprising in its range; most patties are soy-based, but the toppings vary widely! Think teriyaki sauce, satay flavors, mayo, and more to choose from. You can order combos or stand-alone burgers. If you’re counting carbs, you can go bun free and try the lettuce wrap.  Kid meals and sides are available. There are a seasonal cool drinks too (but not Pepsi/Coke).

Vegetarian restaurants you must try out in Singapore! Featured here: VeganBurg
PIC: Satisfying my craving for junk food @VeganBurg

Recommended especially for: a quick stop when you are craving burgers/fries/”junk”!

Whole Earth

76 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079331. Tel +65 6221 6583.
Opens daily 1130am – 3pm & 530pm – 10pm.
Official website here.

Whole Earth has been dedicated to plant-based food since inception in 2003, and the experience shone through when Michelin’s inaugural guide for Singapore came to town in 2016. It was the only vegetarian place to be featured therein, and it has retained its position till date. If you sample its Thai and Peranakan inspired cuisine, you too will get a clear a insight as to how it won a Bib Gourmand! The menu is inventive, and dish after dish promises full flavour (as Asian meals must!) through combinations of sauces (such as sambal) and mock meat / veggies.

In my most recent visit, I was curious how traditional Peranakan flavours like rendang and sambal would taste with no meat, so I ordered the Penang Rendang and Sambal Broccoli. The rendang mushrooms were bursting with flavour in their coconut milk gravy and local spices. The Sambal Broccoli took a plate of usually plain vegetables to a different level of spiciness which complimented the milder olive rice on the side. I can safely say that leaving the meat out does not take away anything at all from the flavour of these traditional favourites.

Vegetarian restaurants you must try out in Singapore! Featured here: Whole Earth
Fresh, crisp and flavorful!

Recommended especially for: Visiting friends who want to experiment with local flavours beyond the usual chilli crab and laksa!

Original Sin

Blk 43 #01-62 Jalan Merah Saga Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278115. Tel : +65 6475 5605.
Opens daily 1130am – 230pm & 6pm – 1030pm.
Official website here.

This Mediterranean restaurant opened its doors in 1997 and continues to be amongst the best-known vegetarian dining options in the city. It is located among the row of fancy restaurants at Chip Bee (and priced accordingly), just across Holland Village, and its al fresco seating area is a prime spot for cozy dinners any given night!

The menu has many familiar options – pizzas, pastas, salads, but among them are the jazzed up variations that are bound to leave you curious! Take for instance the Bosco Misto, which consists of tofu, feta and spinach patties served with a mushroom plum sauce! Or the Capsicum Quinoa – which uses quinoa as a stuffing instead of a base, resulting in an unexpected mix of textures. The dining experience makes for a lovely dinner out with friends where you can order a variety of dishes to share and match it with good drinks.

Recommended for – couple nights and guest hosting! Start with a mezze platter, get some wine, and take your time!

The Boneless Kitchen

1 Irving Place, Commerze @ Irving #01-31, Singapore 369546. Tel +65 8457 6464.
Opens Tues-Sun 12om – 9pm.

Official website here.

The Boneless Kitchen first caught my eye because frankly, meatless Korean sounds like an oxymoron! And yet, this eatery marries the two worlds without compromising on flavours. The eatery is situated in an commerce complex, but transports you into a warm Korean dining room once you cross the threshold. You can either sit at the tables or on the traditional tatami mats along the large windows.

I ordered the Kimchi Bokkuembap, aka the kimchi fried rice with an extra egg on top. The deep richness of well fermented kimchi and rice came together from the very first bite and lasted throughout this simple meal. The oil was minimal, the carrots and peas tasted fresh, and egg was near perfect. Next time around, I’m taking a big group with me so that I can taste more dishes on their all-vegetarian menu. The hotpots look particularly promosing and I could use some help in downing those!

Vegetarian restaurants you must try out in Singapore! Featured here: Boneless Kitchen
Opting for egg with my dish – but there are many vegan and dary-free options on the menu.

Another admirable aspect of this restaurant is that they employ people of all abilities, and it is great to see the restaurant extend its ethical business practicies to areas beyond food sourcing.

Recommended especially for: lunch breaks with colleagues.

Ling Zhi

Liat Towers #05-01, 541 Orchard Road, Singapore 238881. Tel : +65 6734 3788.
Opens Daily 11am – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm.
(Above details are for the branch I visited, but addiotnal outlet at Velocity@Novena Square.)
Official website here.

Nestled in the unassuming Liat towers, Ling Zhi is a true blue hidden gem. When I walked in I was greeted by patrons of all ages- young adults catching up, mums hanging out, and a family celebrating what seemed like the grandmother’s birthday.

The menu is elaborate Chinese gourmet and moving away from mock meat, it is looking to maximise the inherant flavours of the plant ingredients.

The Firehead Monkey Head Mushrooms with Dried Chilli is among the clear crowd favourites. Persuaded by the reviews, I ordered it too, and  just as promised – the dish was delectable! The secret ingredient here was mushroom which was well-spiced and left an fabulous aftertaste in the mouth. Overall I would give Lingzhi a thumbs up and would definitely visit again in the near future.

Recommended especially for – afternoon meetings, girls lunches and family dinners/ lunches. There’s something for everyone’s palette!


9 Raffles Boulevard, #1-75A/76 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596. Tel +65 6238 0511.
Opens daily 1130am – 4pm & 530pm – 10pm.
(Above details are for the branch I visited, but more outlets at Thomson Plaza and Harbourfront Centre.)
Official website here.

Millenia Walk is home to many interesting shopping concepts and Elemen fits this place perfectly. The “Earth food” restaurant is all about nutritious eating, not just vegetarian fare, and endeavors to raise its dishes to a fine dining concept. The result is a refreshing menu : you’ll find novel combinations created by quality ingredients such as quinoa and purple rice to maca and truffle. What’s more, when dishes are served, you can literally see the attention to detail and taste the balanced flavours.

The place was busy when I visited at lunch hour – clearly a hit with the office crowd. The spacious interiors done up in minimalist style accommodate a good number of patrons without crowding, though there was a fair bit of chatter! I went for the 5-course set (around $30) as it was a good deal for the mains and the dessert I had my eyes on!

vegetarian singapore Elemen
My 5-course meal at Elemen: full marks on variety, taste, and presentation!

The set meal started with a 3-piece plate, of which the pumpkin was so blissfully sweet, housed in a nutty sauce, that I had to lick my fork! This was followed by truffle soup, which was rich and creamy without overpowering the palate. For my mains, I had a sushi plate, made of purple rice filled with crispy tempura, cucumber and carrots, and topped with shiitake mushrooms. It’s a combination that beautifully marries crunch to soft texture, and savoury to sharp tastes. The helping was bigger than I expected, and usually I would end my lunch at this point. But, there was no way I could let go of the next course – dessert, in the shape of date pudding! Again, the dish was delectable. Vanilla gelato paired perfectly with sweet pudding, and the sticky sauce was made tastier with the walnut’s crunch. Only sad note, by this time I was definitely too full to savor my drink of iced coconut mint tea! Note to self – don’t let your eyes get greedy by menu next time!

Recommended especially for – leisurely, wholesome meals. Head there with colleagues or family for the experience!


60 Paya Lebar Road, #2-15/16/17 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051. Tel +65 6702 2221.
Opens daily 11am – 10pm.
(Above details are for the branch I visited, but more outlets at Vivo City, One Raffles Place, Maple Tree, Bedok Mall, Nex, Bugis Junction, North Point, Star Vista, WestGate.)
Official website here.

This “fast casual” restaurant is situated in a shopping centre, yet the outlet is still well-lit, airy and spacious. The menu balances a wide range of options – from burgers, soups, salads to desserts – without getting so long as to leave you confused! I was first enticed by the bento box options – the counter had a spread of dishes you can choose from to create your set meal (perfect for takeaway). But I settled for the soups instead as Tom Yum is my weakness, and they had a big hearty bowl picture I couldn’t resist!

vegetarian singapore Greendot
Tantalizingly fresh! Loved my soup bowl at Greendot.

My Tom Yum bowl with sesame rice was a big helping of freshly-crunchy veggies, mock meat and mushrooms in a perfectly seasoned soup base, a dish I would happily repeat! It was spicy, tangy, and felt freshly prepared [versus a result of a premixed paste]. Just typing about it makes my mouth water again!

Recommended especially for: Quick, nutritious lunches as well as takeaways. With meals under-10-dollars, it is a perfect option for office breaks.

If you do visit any of these 10 restaurants or have any other vegetarian restaurants you think we must visit, do let us know. Better yet, leave a comment below for other readers to follow through! Team Secondsguru is easily reachable on

– Team Secondsguru  along with guest contributor Akshata.

Akshata is an engineer by day who just moved to Singapore, her sixth home in a decade. When her itchy feet aren’t taking her all around town to events, restaurants or window-shopping, she’s finding the next change she can make to live a greener, cleaner life. Find her trysts with Singapore on Instagram and her blog.

  • Fortune center has great options at very reasonable price. My favorite is the first on the left after the escalator. Also a good Asian / western vegan restaurant is Genesis on Owen road (Farrer Park).

    • Thanks for your recco Alice – we did visit one of the Fortune Centre restaurants (though not the one you are recommending!) – will be sure to check it out!

  • We hope you will try Fill A Pita, one of the few places that serve Middle Eastern Vegetarian dishes 🙂

    • Hi Ahmed, Thx for the heads up! Adding Fill A Pita to my must-visit list, and will definitely keep in mind for our next update.

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