Secondsguru - The travelling exhibition
At the Jurong Regional Library

8 Bootcamps
100+ collaborations
185+ participants
170,000+ reach

The Zero Waste Bootcamp – the flagship community outreach programme by Secondsguru – has been steadily widening its impact since its inception in 2019. And starting 2020, we have ensured that the work by youth volunteers continues to inspire via the Travelling Exhibition.

The Travelling Exhibition is a poster exhibition which showcases youth projects with a dual goal of environmental and social sustainability executed under the 12-week Zero Waste Bootcamp. After the wrap up of each bootcamp, the journey of each team – including impact and achievements – is converted into an artistic poster and exhibited at various public spaces in Singapore.

Why an Art Exhibition?

1. Each project was crafted and executed carefully by the respective team as deftly as an artist creates a piece of art.

2. Sharing real examples by real people is an impactful way to get more to join the environment and social sustainability movements.

Travelling exhibition at Science Centre
At Science Centre

Individual teams and projects highlighted in the ZWB Travelling Exhibition can be found here:

Since May 2021 to date (December 2023), the exhibition has ‘travelled’ to 18 venues, including 12 public libraries, as well as 6 public spaces (Some of the venues were revisited too!),NUS Central Library, Sustainable Singapore Gallery, Yuhua Secondary School and Science Centre are the public spaces the exhibition has been to and reached out to a myriad audience in the process. The exhibition is currently hosted at NUS Central Library and will travel to the Jurong Regional Library from April 2024. The ZWB Travelling Exhibition will continue to make its rounds across more public libraries and community spaces in the time to come.

The Zero Waste Bootcamp Journey!

Since 2019, Secondsguru has conducted 8 Zero Waste Bootcamps thus far. Our cohorts have included working professionals as well as college students. In all, 185+ participants have joined the past 8 bootcamps, organising 75+ community events and forging 100+ collaborations with a range of partners, thereby sparking a cascading impact as they generated over 170,000 touch points through online and in-person outreach! A broad scope of zero waste issues have been addressed in previous iterations of the ZWB, ranging from food waste to over-consumption of disposables to unsustainable fashion and so forth..

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