Secondsguru is a young social enterprise with a mission to promote environmental education and awareness. It runs workshops, events, and talks to engage people. It also runs this website where readers can access a curated calendar of eco-events, guides on eco-friendly lifestyles, information on sustainable brands, and other resources. With the motto “Green Living. Made Easy.”, Secondsguru makes sustainable living a fun, creative and practical goal for all.

Secondsguru was born when the co-founders, Anuja Byotra Aggarwal and Lara Rath, were surprised how much time it took them to research and find simple, practical ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle after they had arrived in Singapore as fresh expats. Where to buy used furniture? Where to source organic and bulk foods? What could or could not go into recycle bins? Which eco-events would let them connect with like-minded people? What to do with all the books and clothes they no longer needed? So many questions, so little information at the fingertips!

Thus began Secondsguru in end-2014.

In addition to conducting talks, workshops and experiential learning opportunities, Secondsguru also runs initiatives to support sustainable living in the community – such as educational talks and presence at eco events. We’ve conducted book swaps at Earthfest Singapore, talked on sustainable fashion at the Climate Action Carnival by the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR, Singapore), conducted beach cleanups on Singapore’s coastline, and organized many more such initiatives.

anuja aggarwal secondsguru at WWF youth conference in malaysia
Secondsguru conducting a session at a WWF youth conference.
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Welcome to this joyful green journey,
Anuja and Lara

Co- founders, Anuja Byotra Aggarwal and Lara Rath, at the Secondsguru Bookswap at Earthfest 2018 in Singapore

Secondsguru is a registered trademark of Sparkbox Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore.





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  • Dear Anuja & Lara,
    It was interesting to read about your work and experience the website of secondsguru. We are a four decade old organization based out of Kolkata, India. Our major focus area has been to promote small producers and handmade, designing for a cleaner lifestyle. A lot of our work includes upcycling or use of eco-friendly and green raw materials & processes. Would be interested to know, if we could collaborate.

    • Dear Sujata, Thanks for stopping by Secondsguru and your kind words! I’ve been browsing through Sasha’s website and it is great to see how you are collaborating with artisans in meaningful, beautiful ways. Would love to connect and explore collaboration ideas. Can you drop me an email at

  • Hello Lara!
    It was lovely to finally connect with you at EarthFest. Love your idea you were telling me about. I was wondering whether we could meet over coffee sometime to see how we can collaborate 🙂 Let me know.


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