Eco Kitchen How to store fresh herbs to make them last longer

Today’s article is a piece by Shweta Subramaniam, founder and owner of HipDips– a home based business that specializes in dips, chutneys and grilled cheeses (aka toasties). A graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, Shweta works as a full-time chef in addition to running her own business. She enjoys farm-to-table concepts and loves experimenting with fresh produce from the region. Read on to discover her tried and tested methods of storing fresh herbs to …[Read more]

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Sustainable Fashion Outsized tee to latest runway trend

Sustainable Fashion | Outsized tee to latest runway trend

Today’s article has been penned by Tiara Safiah and Isha Lian, the newest members of the Swap Squad at Swapaholic. Swapaholic is the Singapore-based clothes and accessory swap platform that seeks to “make fashion circular” and create a real “sustainable fashion” experience. Tiara has a background in fashion design and Isha in retail merchandising. Both of them share a love for styling fashion and are constantly finding creative ways to shop their respective closets.  Do …[Read more]

Zero Waste Cleaning Everyday items we use that cut the toxicity, the grime and the cost!

Zero waste cleaning

As you walk down the aisle of a supermarket (or scroll through an online grocery app), there is no dearth of fancy looking items with promises to make your home sparkly clean and keep it smelling heavenly all the time. Lured by the prospect of a solution guaranteed to save you hours of back-breaking cleaning, perhaps you give little thought to their level of toxicity and contribution towards plastic waste. Or maybe you make the …[Read more]

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Keep Walking Explore long nature trails in Singapore!

Walking trails

Today’s article – our second in the series – comes from the pen of walkaholic Sulata Maheshwari. Sulata’s love for hikes comes from long Indian summers spent in its villages. The love was rekindled in the terrains of Japan, nurtured in the mountains of Hong Kong and has kept growing in the green plains of Singapore. A regular at the Park Connector Network (and the eateries that abound around this ecosystem!), she has left footprints …[Read more]