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Fashion Revolution How Nimbu brings sustainability and circularity to your closet!

As the world geared up for Fashion Revolution Week, a key event in the sustainable fashion calendar, I had the privilege to sit down with Kriti Gupta, the founder of Nimbu, a sustainable clothing brand based in Singapore. Nimbu has an innovative approach to fashion, particularly for the younger generation. A circular brand for all things kids, it specializes in hand-crafted, artisan-made clothing, while also offering toys, shoes and books on its online store. Its …[Read more]

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Giving Back Volunteering with Grassroots Sustainability Initiatives in Singapore

sustainable initiative to volunteer at in singapore

In an era where environmental challenges are more pressing than ever, the power of community-based sustainability initiatives cannot be overstated. Globally, these grassroots movements are making significant strides in promoting environmental stewardship, advocating for social responsibility and fostering a culture of volunteerism. Singapore, renowned for its green spaces amidst urban sprawl, is a testament to the effectiveness of such community engagement in driving sustainable change. This article aims to shine a light on Singapore’s vibrant …[Read more]


Sustainable Singapore Slash your carbon footprint by choosing low carbon transport


Singapore might be mighty on the world stage, but it cannot hold out against the impact of climate change. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen some significant shifts, from rising temperatures to more intense rainfall and even the occasional cyclone. As a low-lying island, the rise in sea level poses a significant threat, putting much of our nation at risk of flooding. Ever the consummate planner, our little red dot is setting aside funds …[Read more]