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As the world geared up for Fashion Revolution Week, a key event in the sustainable fashion calendar, I had the privilege to sit down with Kriti Gupta, the founder of Nimbu, a sustainable clothing brand based in Singapore. Nimbu has an innovative approach to fashion, particularly for the younger generation. A circular brand for all things kids, it specializes in hand-crafted, artisan-made clothing, while also offering toys, shoes and books on its online store. Its range of products include matching wear for the moms, dads and siblings in natural fabrics such as cotton and silk.

Here’s what the founder Kriti shared about her start-up and how it helps make your child’s closet (and yours!) more sustainable.

Kriti Gupta founder nimbu
Kriti Gupta with her little inspirations!

The Genesis of Nimbu

Kriti was a seasoned automotive expert with a longstanding passion for sustainability, when she found herself facing a common parental dilemma. Her son was rapidly outgrowing his clothes, and the hassle of reselling these barely-used items posed a personal challenge that sparked the idea for Nimbu, a brand aimed at making sustainable living accessible and practical for busy parents.

This launch came at a precarious time—right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a period marked by a drastic reduction in the popularity of second-hand goods due to hygiene concerns. This challenging market condition led Nimbu to pivot from its original model of a platform for selling pre-loved children’s clothing to a more niche segment of comfortable, artisan-made occasion wear.


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The brand initially focused on importing high-quality, soft muslin cotton outfits from India, specifically designed for children with sensitive skin. What started with occasion wear soon expanded to include casual fashion, sleepwear, toys, books, and even men’s and women’s clothing—all under the umbrella of sustainability.

Fast forward to now, Nimbu is a circular platform with both new and preloved products on sale. It has its own brand, in addition to carrying other ethical labels on its marketplace. It accepts preloved clothing, toys, books and shoes from all brands – as long as the condition is good. Here’s how you can sell on Nimbu!

Community Engagement

Nimbu’s approach is deeply intertwined with ethical practices and sustainability, extending beyond the products themselves. The clothes, made from 100% natural fibers and azo-free dyes, are crafted by artisans who are mostly women working from their homes in Rajasthan, a practice that respects local cultural traditions while promoting economic independence. This model not only supports local communities but also upholds the brand’s commitment to ethical manufacturing processes.

Nimbu wins Silver for Best Stores for Eco-Chic Kiddos
Nimbu has won the Silver Award for Best Stores for Eco-Chic Kiddos at the HoneyCombers Asia Sustainability Awards 2023.

Collaborations and Partnerships

In addition to its core operations, Nimbu has been forging meaningful collaborations to amplify its impact on sustainable fashion. Its partnership with Tangs, one of Singapore’s iconic department stores, is a testament to Nimbu’s proactive approach in expanding the reach of sustainable practices, while demonstrating to larger retail players how circular fashion models can be integrated into traditional retail settings.

In fact, Kriti and team recently held a roadshow at Tangs where preloved clothes, toys, shoes, and books were exchanged for Tangs vouchers. Nimbu directly handled the reselling process, ensuring that each item is given a second life. As is their protocol – they requested that preloved kids clothes, toys, shoes, and books be in good condition.

Future Aspirations

Looking forward, Nimbu is not slowing down. Plans for international expansion are on the horizon, with Malaysia and eventually India in sight. The brand also aims to obtain B Corporation certification, reinforcing its commitment to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Through Nimbu, Kriti is not just selling clothes; she is promoting a lifestyle, one that embraces the principles of sustainability that she grew up with. Her vision extends beyond the fabric and threads of children’s clothing, weaving a narrative of sustainability that resonates with families and communities, encouraging a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to consumption.

Are you looking to connect with Nimbu?

You can support Nimbu’s mission by engaging in its circular economy model – buy, use, return. This simple yet effective approach not only supports sustainability but also provides a financially sensible solution for families, turning the lifecycle of clothing into a sustainable loop that benefits the planet and its inhabitants.

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