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Solar Energy Sembcorp has more than the Tengeh Floating Platform on its agenda

sembcorp Tengeh floating solar farm

That humanity needs to de-addict itself from fossil fuels is a foregone conclusion. But if not coal, oils and natural gas… then what? In the race to restrict global warming to under 1.5°C this century, how we ramp up renewable power in the global energy mix – from 25% currently to 85% by 2050 – will be key. To see what a sustainable future of energy looks like, we reached out to Sembcorp Industries – …[Read more]

Eco Home Are you looking for a green energy provider in Singapore?

It is hard to overstate the negative impact from traditional energy sources such as coal and oil. Fossil fuels are a key source of atmospheric carbon dioxide and the biggest driver of climate change. IPCC gives a dire warning in its sixth assessment report warning of a temperature rise of more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels within the next two decades, and calls for a de-addiction from fossil fuels. To meet the challenge of climate …[Read more]

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Best out of waste Plastic-busting initiatives keeping our oceans clean

Ocean initiatives

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented rise in consumption of plastic. The problem lies not just with the inconceivable amount of plastic waste generated, but also the amount which enters the ocean. Roughly 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans every year; it is clear that despite their significant levels of dedication, innovation and investment, clean-ups alone cannot tackle the sheer volume of plastic waste in the ocean. The crisis demands governments, innovators, …[Read more]

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Eco Brands LataSita makes zero waste clothing a fashion statement

Meghna Nayak

With growing awareness about the ‘beautiful face but ugly heart’ of the fashion industry, seemingly all players – from big brands to small design houses – are making the effort to move towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion world. And then there are brands like LataSita that promote zero waste and ethical fashion from the word go. Founded in 2012, this studio has always been a fierce supporter of some of the most important …[Read more]