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Be a “green” Yogi!

Where to buy Eco friendly Yoga wear and gear

With an increasing number of fashion conscious men and women adopting Yoga as the “go to work-out regime” today, yoga is not for the fashion backward anymore! Move on ill-fitted t-shirts and lounge pants, yoga is all about stylish comfort these days. Walk into any Yoga studio and you will see yogis and yoginis in an enviable range of yoga wear – imagine a cute printed tank on the girl ahead of you or classy sweat absorbing …[Read more]

DIYFramed for life

I just love collecting all things old and quirky, so when my sister-in-law returned from her African Safari holiday and gifted us a classic vintage photo-frame from Africa, it was a perfect gift. Small caveat though: I did not know how to put it to use, neither did the frame have glass in the front nor a mounting board at the back. For the longest time, this gorgeous piece of art adorned our study wall staring at …[Read more]

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Kids Craft – Recycle toilet paper roll to make wire organizer

Toilet Paper to wire organizer, Shoe box to storage box, Kids art and craft

Last week when going through my 6-year-old son’s weekly class blog, I came across a fantastic idea which echoes very well with the value system of Secondsguru. The idea of initiating little people when they are really little into thinking about the benefits of recycling, saving the planet and telling them that the choices people make impact living things in the environment. To get the point across, the kids had been shown videos at school about sea turtles who are sadly choking to …[Read more]

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Make your Valentines Day a ‘green’ one!

Romantic and Eco friendly Valentine's day ideas to sweep your partner off her feet!

An open letter to all the men who have intentions to plan something special this Valentine’s day (For those who have no such intentions, this is an absolute must read)… from a woman ♥. February 9, 2015 My dear Hubbies and Boyfriends, Are you drawing lots on which of the past Valentine’s day surprises to recycle for your wife/partner this year- red roses, dinner at an expensive restaurant and red roses, chocolates (don’t bother, she is aiming to be 2 sizes …[Read more]