Drab to Fab Sneakers get a vintage makeover

upcycle old sneaker vintage

I must confess – I love buying shoes. My closet isn’t enormous by a regular girl’s standards, but yes, it is rather full, and has the standard pumps/flats for work, and dressy stilettos/strappies for outside, and a few sneakers/sandals for comfort, and a couple of boots for a cold day, and some handcrafted finds from India… as I said, a regular girl’s closet! I’m not a big spender however, and am always looking for deals, …[Read more]

Vintage Makeover A desktop cactus garden in your old cigar box!

An easy tutorial turn old cigar boxes (or any other wooden box) into a desktop garden for succulents / cactus. Jazz up your coffee table or use the idea for a housewarming gift!

The backstory It all started with a deal I couldn’t pass up. I’m on a Facebook group to buy and sell pre-loved stuff, and a lady posted pictures of these gorgeous hand-made Cuban cigar boxes, all going for a steal. Turns out her artist husband had collected one-too-many to fashion a hand-made guitar for himself (I know, wow!) and now that he was done, the remains were up for the taking. So of course, I …[Read more]

Drab to Fab Ikea stool kitsch makeover

Ikeahack | Side-table lindved gets a kitsch makeover with old Bollywood DVD covers

We all have Ikea around the house – reasonably-priced modular pieces that fit into a cab when you buy them and don’t pinch the pocket when you let them go…. Except that I can never let anything go! I picked up my side table Lindved a year ago, a plain white piece that could match any chair I would later buy for the balcony. The balcony pieces have moved on to be things with personality …[Read more]

#under50dollars Lamp refashioned from old glass jars

Upcycle old glass jars from pastas and pickles into a beautiful lamp

In Sepetmber 2015, we launched the #Under50Dollars Challenge, our creative twist to #SG50, to commemorate the 50th birth-year of Singapore. It was devised for our readers to appreciate the inherent value of things used and old. If you have a good eye, enjoy upcycling… and have some dollars in the pocket, you too can join in and take up the challenge! Our latest entry comes from Neha Agrawal in Singapore. A banker by profession and …[Read more]