Published 8 February 2016 ● Last Updated on 25 November 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year crafts for kids | make a dragon puppet out of egg boxesGong Xi Fa Cai!

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, and I hope you all have already managed to appease the Kitchen God, spring clean the house, plan out family get-togethers and – importantly for parents of young kids – thought of activities to fill up the holidays! (If not, this post should help!)

The year of the monkey begins, and what better way to start it than on a playful note with this fun DIY dragon puppet 🙂

Last year, my kids and I made paper lanterns to hang in the balcony to usher in the Chinese New Year. This time, I wanted to pick up a more elaborate craft as they are nimbler with their fingers. I turned to Mr Maker for inspiration and this craft project is the result – mostly the same steps, but some modifications. It’s easy enough to involve young children involved, and cool enough to get the older kids interested!

What you will need:
How to make a dragon out of eggboxes? Here's what you will need– 2 egg boxes
– Bright paints [yellow / red / gold]  and brushes
– Coloured paper
– Scissors / paper cutter
– PVA glue
– Googly eyes or round stickers
– A pencil


Step 1: Prepping

Take out the paper labels from both egg boxes. One egg box will be used whole. From the other, cut out two egg cups – make sure you include an entire spike in the cut-out.  Paint them in bright colours. I chose red and gold in keeping with the auspicious Chinese template.

Chinese New Year crafts for kids | Make a dragon puppet out of egg boxes Step 2: Sticking

Attach the egg cup cut out on top of the egg box to create a dragon face [cups face forward]. You can use PVA glue, or even sew for a firmer hold.

Stick the googly eyes in the middle of egg cups, or fashion them out of circular stickers. Stick on strips of colored paper behind the egg cups to create the dragon’s mane.

Stick on two paper triangles under the box-flap to create fangs.

Roll a strip of coloured paper around a pencil so it curls a little. Cut out a triangle at the end to create a tongue. Stick it under the box flap.

Step 3: Puppetry

Use a sharp pencil to make 2 holes at the back of the egg box. That’s where you stick your fingers in – and get the dragon roaring!

Make a dragon out of old eggboxes - and punch two holes at the back to turn it into a hand puppet



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