Published 18 November 2014 ● Last Updated on 25 November 2016

For all of us who love our in-home wining and dining, the trips to the glass recycling bin are all too frequent. Sauces, condiments, wines, beers, jams… anything even half-way gourmet comes in its own fancy bottle. Luckily, old bottles and jars need never die, they can just rest in peace – on your mantelpiece!

reuse and recycle old jars and bottles - ideas list

Oil Bottles

Just add an oil dispenser on top, and there you have it – a style statement for your kitchen in a jiffy! Add a personal vibe by using your favourite beer or wine bottle. Heighten the style quotient by using classic pieces, like the original coke glass bottle.

Oil dispensers are easily available on Amazon, or ask your local deli if they stock it. To buy retro bottles, surf second-hand markets.

Party Decor

For jars with annoying labels that don’t come off easy, this is the prefect DIY. Just paint over the labels with a dark acrylic paint of your choice. Fill up with colored stones / sand / shells – depending on the theme of your party. Stick in flags or pinwheels (or lollipops if you are brave enough to face sugar-rushes at a kid party later!).

Mark it up

For bottles with a long neck, pick up a permanent marker and unleash your inner artist (or inner slogan-eer!). Slip over your watch/bracelet/bangle, and you’ll never struggle to find your wrist accessories again.


True, everyone and anyone has done this before. But that’s because it just looks great! You can take it to the next level by upping the ante: place your to-be-vases in a crate, or a milk-man stand, or even hang them up after securing with macrame knots.

If you aren’t craft-y enough for macrame, Typo is selling jar-holder-tassels in-store now. Christmas decorations anyone?



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